3. Motivated

Okay good morning, I woke up a bit later than I thought I would. But it’s Saturday and I have no plans except to meet up with a friend later so let’s get a thought in to start the day on the good note I hope. This writing has begun to be a source of motivation. Granted, it’s not propelling me towards becoming a millionaire or forcing me to do things I’m passionate about (which is the meaning of success in my opinion), but writing makes me feel important, it makes me feel like I have a purpose, like I’m not just some loser that does nothing on the weekend and that I have no future. That’s just the truth of how I feel. If you haven’t written anything, I encourage you to. Whatever you write, if I inspired you in this post, I will read it and I will comment etc. (Look at me being a leader, I started writing yesterday and I already kind of have a voice, already hopefully inspiring others, this is so weird).

Alright onto the motivator that I thought of whilst asleep. I think I should clarify that here we believe that we must work to become successful, as should everyone, if you’re reading this and you’re hoping for an easy way, stop reading because there is none. That’s not what I’m referring to here, here I’m writing about  “my road to success”, as I’m no one, as I’m lazy and as I’m consciously aware of my life flying by. I am in no means successful nor do I know if that road will lead me to success. I am a college student in debt that isn’t too sure about what he wants to do in life (as a career). It all starts with a motivator, something to get the ball rolling. What if these blogs are that small snowball? I am fully aware that it takes hard work, lots of time etc. That isn’t my problem, we all are secretly hard workers when it comes to doing what we love, that’s what success is. My problem is I’m looking for that snowball, I’m here trying to find secrets, trying to find shortcuts anywhere I can. And I should mention that if a motivator doesn’t work for me, I’ll still write about it because it might work for someone else out there, maybe you.

I thought of a random number. This is a special random number because it’ll tell you how many minutes you’ll spend daily on doing what you love. Completely random, there are random number generators online that have a range as well, so if you’re feeling really lazy today, set that range to 1-10, or if you’re feeling good, set it as high as you want (or do nothing, but we’re trying to not do that here). Remember again, it’s random. You might get the number 1 for all you know but the good thing is that you’ll definitely do that 1 minute because it’s so small yet you can still feel good about it. And you should, you did 1 minute more than someone out there that’s waiting for success to happen overnight. You today, were successful in comparison to yesterday. Hey I know how I sound and I hate my voice too, it’s kind of patronizing and I sound like a therapist but remember that I’m doing these things, along with my tallies that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I’m not recalling upon motivators that worked for me in the past while I plan a trip to Paris. I woke up, remembered this thought, and wrote about it, that’s literally all that happened. Maybe this’ll work and be big! But let’s be honest probably not, we’re here to experiment and discover, we’re all Indiana Jones here but we don’t know what we’re looking for (wouldn’t that be an interesting movie).

Okay that’ll sum up today’s morning thoughts. Maybe I’ll write a little more later, but for now let’s end on a quote that I said, and is applicable to me:

“The more you do, the more you’ll want to do. If you have nothing to do, then you’ll do absolutely nothing. It works in extremes.”



5 thoughts on “3. Motivated

  1. I like the idea of the number.
    I wouldn’t have thought of it in the first place, but I did quite the same thing, not for motivation, but for feeling better and convince myself that I didn’t had such bad days that I thought. For over a year, on my calendar, I had post color stickers for evaluating how my days were (red, orange, green, green sun), for the awful day to the very good one. It forced myself to reflect on me, my day, and if I had a bad day or if I was just feeling bad myselfw at the end of the day, I was surprise to see a very few orange days and less than ten bad days. Maybe, reflecting on it put me on the mood to actually have good days.

    I think evaluating with numbers is similar to this in some ways. I like this idea 🙂


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