5. Your conscience

Let me repeat that. Your conscience is successful! This might be a wacky thought but it’s had me thinking. The Pirates beat the Cardinals todays, 4-1 and I had a great time with all the buddies that came out to the event, Best Buddies truly is an amazing organization. On my way home, I thought about my conscience and how it always knows best. Isn’t that weird? Ever been asked, “what’s your gut feeling?” or “what does your heart tell you?”, these are all examples of your conscience. That voice in you, the version of yourself that always seems to have it figured out. Try a little experiment, ask your conscience a random question, anything and tell me it didn’t just give you either the truth or an answer that makes a lot of sense. I asked myself, “Will I be successful?” and I instantly responded, “yes”.

Okay fine you could make the argument, “Why the hell would it say no?”. This is you we’re talking about, of course you want to be successful and your conscience would know that. I’m here to tell you that that drive for success isn’t as common as you think. But that’s for another post, let’s continue. Your conscience is you but it’s your best version of yourself, or rather if you were your best version of yourself, your conscience would be your physical voice, I believe. In those terms, everyone has greatness in them, everyone has a conscience that can distinguish from right or wrong, truth or b.s., failure or success etc. I have had conversations with my conscience in the past, I’d say five minutes long, where I was literally surprised because what my conscience was saying made so much sense, no one knows me better! I invite you to do the same.

Yes, you do have control over your conscience so don’t force it to feed you the answers you want to hear just to prove me wrong. Try it and I promise you’ll be surprised. So what does this mean? Well it means exactly what you think it might. If you’re confused about what your passion is or what path you want to take in life, ask your conscience. Take me for example, if my dad asks about my life and what I will become, I’ll ensure him that I’ll be a software engineer, but with my conscience I can’t tell that same lie. Bodybuilding, fitness, healthy body and a healthy mind are all goals my conscience will spit right back at me because he’s me! He knows the truth! Let’s add a little “homework” in here. Let’s all go out this week and talk to our conscience a bit. Go to Rite Aid for example or anywhere that sells some junk food and ask yourself, as you reach for it, “What do you think conscience?”. He/she will tell you to put it down, that it’s not good for you etc. But don’t put it down, take it home and devour it because that’ll be your reward for realizing the power you have inside you.

If ever you think that no one wants you to be successful, like I know I do sometimes, or if ever you think it’s hopeless and you should give up, ask your conscience what he thinks. It’ll be the most frustrating thing, being argued with by your conscience because that is an argument you can never win, so get as mad as you want, rip as many hairs out as you want, your conscience always knows best and he knows you can be successful even if truly no one else out there does.


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