How do I know passion is the key to success? I don’t. Anything I write about, I believe in but that doesn’t make it true. Once again, I’m on a road. Whether it leads to success or not, I don’t know but I am optimistic. Let’s talk passion. I believe, no one can ever go wrong doing what they love and everyone has something they love doing. And that’s what passion is. Your passion is what you’ll do in your free time, it’s what you have dreams of doing in the future. Problem is, for a lot of people, finding that is difficult.

But why should it be difficult? Oh I know, because we’re constantly being shut out by our parents, our teachers. Because our friends all have internships, or they all have a passion for the most stereotypical things like photography or art. As a result, we bury our passion, forget about it, we keep going to school, keep doing homework and days turn to weeks, weeks to months and life continues without you. Life becomes a big bully, one we have to listen to, one we have to conform to because otherwise we get laughed at or teased for being different or weird.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you what you’ve heard a million times. I’m not going to say, “stand up and be strong”, I’m not going to say, “don’t give up” because I know you’ve heard either from your parents, your friends or even your counselor and I know you won’t do those things. Instead, I’m going to tell you to do what I did exactly one and a half years ago. We take baby steps here, and we’ll take as many baby steps as we need to learn and become a success. Instead, I want you to simply, find your passion. I want you to think back to the time you buried it away to be like everyone else, to be cool. Find it, and that’s it. Don’t write it down like everyone’s told you to so you have a constant reminder everyday haha. Just know it, that’s all.

I figured mine out a year and a half ago. My passion is for fitness, for becoming the best version of myself; mind and body, for bodybuilding. Whatever yours is, I don’t care if you have a passion for making houses out of toothpicks or knitting with dental floss. I want you simply to know it. Success in my opinion, is following your passion, working on it daily, working hard towards it until in a couple of years, you look back and smile because you can honestly say that you do what you love for a living. Don’t worry, I don’t want you to work towards it, to work on it. Just find it, discover it again or for the first time if you haven’t ever and hold onto it this time. You’ll need it.


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