6. Consistency

Let’s go over some things we’ve all heard. “Consistency is key”, “consistency is success”, “hard work means nothing without consistency”, or my personal favorite as a bodybuilder, “change won’t come without consistency”. Sure they’re all right, but we’re here looking for guarantees, an equation towards success if you will. I know it’s foolish and we’ll look forever, but guarantees aren’t foolish to look for and in terms of success, if something works for someone then it’ll work for someone else. That’s why we should love the type of quotes I’ve listed in the beginning, they’re very general and so we know that even though us people all have individual differences in terms of how determined we are or what our passion is, the so-called “equation” is the same for all of us.

Now for the guarantee. You know that expression with the snowball? Roll a small snowball down a hill and eventually you’ll get colossal asteroid than can squash houses? Well that’s consistency. I’ll explain the guarantee through an example. If you’re passion is making houses out of toothpicks like I mentioned in my Passion post, but you rarely find yourself making windows or doors out of toothpicks, then pick a number, a small number. Either pick one or use a number generator like I mentioned in the past. This’ll be your snowball. I GUARANTEE that if you spend let’s say, 5 minutes (whatever number you picked), CONSISTENTLY a day building with toothpicks, or hell even playing with them, you’ll be successful.

The beauty with consistency is that it’ll take care of itself. The 5 minutes will naturally lead to 10 minutes daily. It doesn’t matter if it takes 5 minutes daily for a month to get there, or even a year. If you do it often enough, it’ll become like breathing. You’ll essentially program it into yourself. And you can be proud of it no matter what the random number is! Even if it is 5 minutes daily. Who cares? You’re already a couple of steps ahead who you were a week ago and the majority of people out there; someone who won’t get out of their comfort zone. You’ve started to read my blog, rediscovered your passion and right now you have a number in mind.

This is a guarantee like I’ve said. Don’t be worried if it won’t work for you. If it worked for me and it’s a recipe for success, it’ll work for you. You’re job isn’t to worry about things not working, it’s to start playing with toothpicks 5 minutes a day, if that’s your passion. How do I know this works besides the fact it worked for me? Think about professionals. Look how happy they are doing what they love. They’re so good at it AND they love it. But they didn’t love it that much forever. Consistency inspires love for what you do, like I said, “the more you do, the more you’ll want to do” and this is true solely because of the power of consistency.

So let’s abuse this guarantee. Hell, work on those toothpicks one minute daily. You won’t prove me wrong; eventually that one minute will turn to five. The hard part will be turning that one minute to five minutes, but after that it gets easier. As does everything after taking the first step. The goal here is to do it consistently until you love it more and more, then you’re doing it a couple hours a day and loving every minute, that’s success.

One a side note, if you’ve read my Passion post and still not sure how to KNOW what your passion is for sure, for example you have like 4 things that you love to do, make sure to check out tomorrow’s post: How to KNOW your passion.


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