Hello again. Sorry about yesterday; misjudged my time, was lazy at some points during the day and consequently I didn’t get a post up. For those following my posts, the “How to know your passion” post will go up tomorrow, I just have to get my thoughts down now while they’re fresh or else I’ll possibly never think of them again.

So today I had an exam. A calc exam, also a class I’m retaking this semester because last semester I got really lazy and decided to just stop going to the class due to being too far behind. In other words, I gave up. But here I am retaking the class and writing this post. The reason I didn’t have one last night was because I was studying everything on the study guide the teacher gave us (literally everything because I didn’t go to so many classes). The consequence for simply not going to a 50 minute class three times a week was a 5 hour night of sleep and a lost blog last night along with others mentioned below.

The reason for this post is to explain consequences in as little words as possible. If I write too much, you won’t get the point and just forget everything. CONSEQUENCES ARE EXPONENTIAL. One small mistake one day will lead to a bigger consequence somewhere along the line. In my case, I didn’t go to three 50 minute classes a week, that’s less than 3 hours a week (that’s less than 3 hours a WEEK!) and as a result, I felt guilty, worried, angry at myself, scared for the test, a little depressed etc. All because I decided to not do the easiest thing as a student and simply go to class.

Message starts here:

                 This is the message I want to convey. If we all were conscious about the fact that every small moment of laziness, every missed class would eventually have a bigger consequence somewhere along the line, we’d all be successful. If we all realized solid hard work in college would eventually lead us to decades of an easier life in the future, think about where most of us would be! The decision, that choice to think back to times where we made bad decisions that had monumental consequences and act differently; THAT is what makes someone successful. The decision to start going to more classes because I am now aware of how difficult it’ll be later, would be the decision that ultimately nudges me back onto the path to success.

Like I said earlier, “the more you do, the more you’ll want to do”. In my case, going to more classes will help me do better on tests. Doing better on tests would make me more confident, more pleased with my performance. I’d hit the gym more, post twice a day maybe, start drawing again etc. Ever been hyped up? Ever felt like you could do anything, like you’re on top of the world? That comes not only from days and days of hard work, but from minutes of thinking back and taking a different course of action that you did last time, because you KNOW that not going to that class or not doing that homework or calling in sick for work when you’re not sick, you KNOW that somewhere along the lines, the consequences are on their way and they WILL suck.


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