Motivator #3

In one of my older posts, I introduced a motivator where you pick a random number daily, let’s say something between 1 and 20, and whatever number you land on is the amount of minutes you’ll spend working on what you love, your side homework I guess you can say (time spent working on what’ll make you successful).

Now, if this works for you and has been working then by all means continue. I’m telling you my ideas that I think of for myself, some might work for you some might not. However, for this method, I figured out an improvement that’s a little more beneficial. Instead of finding a random number daily, you’ll get one weekly (the number you get for that week is that amount of time you spend daily). This is better because it promotes consistency and it reduces overworking, which I’ll talk about in tomorrow’s post.

Consistency is the most important lesson, I believe, that I must learn if I want to be successful (same goes for you). By working 10 minutes daily, I’m in a way teaching myself to put aside that given amount daily towards my goals. You could get lucky and get 1 minute, or “unlucky” and get 30 minutes, which in that case you could find a new number. Remember, you do whatever you have to, in order to teach yourself this consistency, and don’t know worry about someone else doing 100 minutes as oppose to your 1 minute. I guarantee you there was a time where that person putting aside 100 minutes daily was putting aside 1 minute daily. But the number doesn’t matter, and that’s the point. Once you program consistency in yourself, it’ll be just like breathing. You could go up to 1000 minutes daily, and you wouldn’t even notice.

It’s important to take baby steps too, just like I will. If I have 5 minutes as my random number and I cannot complete it everyday for a week because my laziness won the battle, then I’ll either lower the amount of minutes or try the same amount of time daily for another week. Once you’re confident you can increase the time daily, then do so, but remember, stay consistent. Don’t do 1 minute one day and 30 the other day, this’ll lead to overworking (tomorrow’s post). This process will be long for me and the time I’ll put aside will go towards drawing since I already do bodybuilding consistently. These are baby steps like I said and if you want another tiny motivator, think of this; we’re putting aside 5 minutes daily towards years of a better future for ourselves. Come on, I think our futures are worth it. So find that number and get consistent. See you in tomorrow’s post, good luck!


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