Right about now you should be thinking, “we’re on the road to success, no sleep, no rest, we go until we succeed, no such thing as overworking”. As much as I admire your mindset, for me, overworking has had many negative effects. For example, drawing. Nowadays, I rarely draw and that’s because I rarely draw. Pretty tough conclusion to come to huh? Yeah well it’s like I said, the more you do, the more you do and vise versa. Unfortunately for us, the midpoint, getting the ball rolling, is our struggle.

Well, like I was saying, I rarely draw. However, when I did draw it was inconsistent; I found there were times when I’d draw for 2 hours. Congratulations you might say, you picked 120 as you’re random number for the week. Well, this was before I thought of that motivator idea and so instead of 120 minutes daily, it was more like 120 minutes every 2 weeks. This for me, was overworking.

You ever been in that mindset where you’re doing something and its either fun or really rewarding, it’s making you feel good etc. You end thinking to yourself, let me draw another picture or let me study for another test etc. I’m here to tell you don’t. I’m here to tell you pack your stuff and go home or don’t draw the second picture. Why? Because tomorrow you’ll think to yourself (like I did), “I drew two yesterday, that counts”. Well, I’m here to tell you that I learned that it doesn’t count.

I always think that because I did a lot in one day, I’m set for the whole week. I’m changing my mindset from now on. I’m changing it to think that slow and steady DOES win the race like they say. I believe 10 minutes daily drawing beats 10 drawings in one day for the entire month. I believe 10 minutes jogging daily beats 1 hour of jogging on Monday for the week. Too much at one time has always led me to be cocky. If I study for 4 hours straight on Monday, then of course I’ll know the material and feel good but come Friday I’ve forgotten it. As oppose to reviewing for 10 minutes daily, come Friday, I definitely know the material.

Whatever we do, whatever I do from now will be in moderation, who likes 4 hours study sessions anyway. Balance, my dad always says, is the key to success, but that’s for tomorrow’s post. Don’t push yourself for no reason. Push yourself to learn something new in those ten minutes sure, but don’t learn 10 things in one day. It’s stressful, pointless, and like I said brings negative effects in the long run. Get those ten minutes in daily and as a result for your consistency that you have continued for a couple of weeks now, reward yourself with a movie or a cookie etc. Or reward yourself daily, do whatever you need to, to keep the consistency because you know yourself best. Ask yourself, what do I need for myself as a reward in order to keep this consistency up? If that means 10 cookies for an hour of drawing, then by all means DO IT.


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