Balance, balance, balance. Say it with me. Okay so first I mentioned that I believe consistency is one of the key components to achieve success. But I also have to specify what kind of consistency. Consistently spending 8 hours a day doing what you love? Well yeah, you’ll become very good at what you love and in this world, experience is money if you publicize it (Instagram, Youtube etc.). However, you’d work these 8 hours a day and then when the money starts coming in, you’d realize you’re unhappy. You’re stressed out, tired, and malnourished and you wonder why. Well, it’s because you didn’t leave time for anything else.

Like I mentioned earlier, overworking does exist and it can potentially be as bad as doing nothing. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but it’s probably the only way that I can address to you the gravity of it. Not just the physical act of working your ass off for just one day but the mental as well. Like I said, you’ll believe you worked hard enough that one day and slack off immediately. I went to the gym for 2 hours one day and the next 3 or 4 days, I told myself, “I’m fine, 2 hours is good for 4 days”. My mentality was all messed up because of that one day.

So what do you do? Well, you balance it all. Ever noticed that the really successful people out there, I’m talking Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, ever noticed how much they do? I’ve only picked up some stuff here and there off the web but I know they do reading, exercise a little (some cardio I’d assume), Mark I know spends time with his family etc. Also, not to mention that I guarantee they save time to get their main meals in and sleep because I’m convinced that every successful person out understands the importance of a balanced healthy diet and a good nights sleep.

These are all some good examples of balance. You NEED time to have fun. You NEED time to relax, put your feet up. You NEED to make sure to eat your breakfast and get some exercise in etc. You NEED a balance in your life, in anything you do. Without it, you can get lost in what you’re doing, forget your values, forget important things like family or relationships and overall you’ll be less happy than you could be.

Look, I already told you a million times; I’m not successful by any means nor do I know if I will be. I’m a college students with classes in the morning and I’m here blogging at 3:30 in the morning for crying out loud. These are my beliefs, my thoughts etc. If I say “you need”, I mean I need as well. I know so much but knowing and doing are two completely different things. I guess by blogging and by having an audience, knowing that people depend on me to understand them, by getting more likes and followers, I guess I’m hoping this blogging will be a factor that turns thinking into doing. I’ll be honest, I didn’t choose a random number to determine how much time I spend doing something I love, BUT I did spend about 15 minutes drawing today. It wasn’t much and tomorrow’s goal will be to draw again for 15 minutes but I did draw, and I haven’t for a while. This was a milestone for me.

You need to look at the small milestones, like me drawing for 15 minutes, and acknowledge them. Like I said, you know yourself best. If you lets say, took a longer route home today and got some extra cardio in and you know that there’s no way in hell you would’ve have done that if you haven’t read my posts, then go home and reward yourself. Don’t think about the fact that the cookie you had as a reward will make the extra cardio pointless. In fact, I believe that if you had a cookie every time as a reward after you did enough cardio to burn a cookie (and you did this consistently), you’d still benefit because it’s the mindset that you ultimately changed, and that’s our number one goal here. We’re taking REALLY small steps here. Hey, it just might work out.


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