Change your pespective

In my opinion, every quote has a double meaning. The first one is obvious and its the one that everyone sees and understands. The second one, if we were to find it, would make us think differently about it. Lets take a quote for example, “never give up” (my personal favorite). Its my favorite because if you’re in a position where things aren’t difficult for you and you aren’t in any position to give up, then the quote means absolutely nothing, you ignore it and read the next quote. So lets use this one and find a different meaning.

If you are in the position where you’re on the verge of giving up. Where you’re not seeing the change you want, the improvement you want and you want to just give in, then this second meaning is for you. Firstly, what do we know? We know with hard work comes success. We know that it’s always been difficult, success has always been hard and it’ll never be easy. These things we know for certain. We know them because as much as we don’t want to believe them and as much as we want to blame luck and rich parents on those certain few successful people, at the end of the day, when we head to bed, we still want to be like those few certain people regardless if we’re poor or unlucky. As much as we want to say in our mind, “whatever, it’s not for everyone, congrats to them, I’ll just be me and be happy with that”, our conscience won’t let us and so we end getting angry with ourselves etc (you know what I’m talking about). So we ignore luck and rich parents and instead focus on our plan.

Now that we know these things, we can look at “never give up” differently. If its hard and its testing our will and challenging how much we want it, then we are definitely doing something right. Success is a long hard road and if it feels like we’re on that road, then lets never give up not because the quote says it, but because this feeling of wanting to give up is the only hard evidence we have that we’re doing something right.


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