Why do we fall?

I’m trying to think of reasons why I can’t do everything I have planned. I’m trying to think why some of my plans are just plans and not actions. So why do we fall and fail, why do these plans remain plans? Well here’s my thought…

There are so many things happening around us everyday. So many things we pay attention to. For example, how we look in the eyes of others. Our performance at work or school. We have to worry about rent or what our boss will think of the assignment we handed in. We have to worry about our kids or our significant others. So much worrying everywhere.

What if failure was so much smaller than everyone thinks it to be. When we think of a failure, we think of someone who fails at everything, or life in general. What if that particular person just failed at one thing and everything else proceeded to fail for him as well. What if he was not given a second chance or didn’t have the strength to try again. One failure for most of us, leads us to keep giving up and thus come more failures.

We believe that one failure dictates how our lives will turn out. Well, I believe if we were to focus more on one task rather than worrying about the 5 tasks around us, failure will come rarely. Rather than worrying about dinner with your girlfriend because you have a midterm the morning after, focus everything on that dinner. Make an amazing dinner, have an amazing time and funnel that success, that happiness, that power into acing the test.

I keep saying this over and over again, “the more we do, the more we’ll want to do”. If we choose to focus on single tasks at a time, and we do our bests with those one tasks, the snowball effect will ensue. Success upon success will come because we have confidence in our actions, we have confidence in what we can achieve. What if someone who “fails at life” isn’t someone who chooses to give up on every task but someone that failed at one task and started believing that failure is all they can do.

Let’s try and do our best with single tasks at a time. Before we make breakfast, let’s make sure we got a solid eight hours of sleep. Before we enjoy the vacation, let’s make sure we aced that statistics exam on Friday. This way, we’ll feel confident that we have the power to perfect anything we do. As oppose to doing math homework, while worrying about rent, while thinking about that stats exam and rushing to meet up with a friend…oh god, writing it down seems so sad.

Well, that’s my life currently. I have so many things on my mind. I have so much creativity, so much worrying, goals, meals to eat, homework to do etc. I need to be thinking, “let me perfect this post because it’s what I’m doing right now”. I can’t worry about what’ll happen in the morning because it’ll come regardless and the best I can do is be prepared. Let’s perfect anything we do. Only then would failure or success mean nothing to us because we are already doing the most we can. Ask any happy person out there (my definition of success) if they’d prefer a person who does their best or someone who is the best. I need not say anymore.


7 thoughts on “Why do we fall?

  1. Great post! It is so true that we often carry out too many thoughts of what to do and sometimes it can be very daunting. I have had the same thought recently about focusing on one task at a time and being able to execute it to the best of my ability. The concept of mindfulness has definitely come into play!

    Ps. thank you for stopping by my blog post!

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