Find someone, anyone

I had lunch with a friend today. It’s been a while and we caught up about everything. I told her about my long-term goals: being a popular YouTuber, fitness model, on the cover of Men’s Physique etc. I also told her the next immediate thing I have to do (because that’s the most important) is start an Instagram. She supports me and recommended a few ways I can get started, become a trainer at my college, sign up for modeling auditions for my school’s apparel etc. It felt good to tell someone else my goals. Why? Because I’m promising someone else my success as oppose to just myself.

Right now you might be saying like my dad would, “don’t do it for anyone else, do it for yourself”. Like I understand what that means but it just doesn’t help me at all. I promise myself stuff all the time, doesn’t work out. I make plans and only tell myself and that also doesn’t work as often as I’d like it to. You don’t feel guilty about doing that, you’ve done it so often that it’s meaningless. On the other hand, promising someone else shows them the potential you have. It makes them have high hopes for you (if they’re someone that cares) and letting them down is disappointing.

Promising someone something shows them you have the balls to write it in stone so early. It tells them that one way or another you’re gonna get there. A quality like that is never forgotten. It doesn’t matter how long you guys don’t talk, your friend will always remember someone like that. Assuming that they care, you have a friend for life and a constant reminder of that promise you made. I promised Sarah that I’d be a model one day, because something in me just knows that I’m bound for success. I know that I have so much to offer and I’m not contempt with knowing all that I know and the person sitting next to me on the bus who could use some help has no idea.

Most people believe that it’s for the select few, this success story. Well I can’t believe that. I don’t know obviously, but I’m not allowed to believe that. I have too many people depending on me, from my brother who pretty much gave up on life to my parents who are tired from working hard and getting bullshit results because of their English. This girl, Sarah, knows my promise. She’ll be expecting results as time passes by. I cannot get looks of disappointment or judgement from someone that I promised something to. Even if I do, even if it’s really obvious that I haven’t been working as hard as I could, then that disappointing judgmental look will definitely be motivating.

So that’s what we’ll do. Promise something and figure out, how to get there. For example, to be more effective on this journey, I need to eat breakfast more often and eat more meals. I’ll nag her to eat with me, to get up in the morning with me for breakfast. Will I annoy her? Will I make her want to hangout with me less? Probably, but the right person, the right friend, will look at nagging as passion. They will look through any bullshit and find your purpose if its there. Besides, who can’t use a new friend? There’s absolutely no way either of us could get negative results from this plan.

If you’re like me, you know you’re bound for success but currently going through an uphill battle against yourself, then tell me. Comment your thoughts, ideas, I want to hear them. I don’t care about likes, I want to know you read it through and have a plan for the week. I make an effort to post daily, so if this post meant something to you, then follow me and hopefully when you’re notified about future posts, they will have the same effect.




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