Passion Revisited

Okay so I’m having a thought here. In one of my older posts, I talked about passion. I said that I believe that whatever you did in your free time, when the homework was done or when your assignment for you boss was done, that was your passion. It was something you unexplainably had an urge to do when you were bored, or just randomly at 4am in the morning, something in you pushed you to do it.

Well, let me throw something else out there. I don’t want anyone to get discouraged and think that because they have nothing jumping out at 4am, they don’t have a passion and therefore were never setup for success. See how it can be misunderstood? So here’s what I know believe in addition to that. Anything you do for long hours a day or anything you do consistently daily, would be your passion.

Now you might say, “I sleep for 8 hours a day” or “I smoke consistently or I eat consistently, are they my passions?”. Well obviously not, but didn’t you just suggest a guarantee? Didn’t you just prove that whatever you do a lot of, will eventually become something you will ALWAYS do? Sleeping and eating are different because we’d die without them, but smoking? Smoking is something that you by choice picked up, whether it be to be cool or because you grew up a second hand smoker, you chose to do so and now imagine how hard it’ll be to stop.

That’ll be our motivator to think about. We have done homework consistently since as long as we can remember and so now when we’re assigned we just do it, it has become second nature, no thinking involved. Or take me for instance. I started blogging a couple of weeks ago. I’ve wanted to for a while, made a promise to a loved one and so here I am. It’s been a couple of weeks and I have no trouble with spending 50 minutes daily writing my thoughts down on paper. This is something I know I’ll continue and therefore I’ll become very good at (consistency brings professionalism).

Isn’t that what we’re looking for here? Guarantees, abstract motivators? We’ve seen the motivational quotes, it’s done nothing for us and instead we’re searching for something. I’d say a guarantee it’s a pretty good place to start. Remember, it won’t be the fact that you do homework consistently that’ll be your ticket to happiness/success (although for some it might). If you used to constantly game like I did and binge watch YouTube videos about those games, then maybe starting a channel and creating montages might be the next step for you as an example. Or you swim a lot and becoming a lifeguard might be your next step. You might not be driving a lamborghini with that job, but who says it has to be your only source of income and since when has money been a source of happiness?

We need to keep our options open. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, if we focused on one thing only, instead of worrying about ten others, we’d be so much better off. Instead of thinking that engaging in coding 24/7 will lead me to have a more luxurious future, I need to stick with fitness as my number one goal. What right do I have anyway to worry anyway, when I’m not perfect in one field in the first place. How would I ever know that becoming a software engineer would leave me better off, if I’m not doing every single thing I can to be a model or YouTube fitness icon. It has zero sense. It’s like looking at others and judging them before you yourself are the best version you could be. It’s pointless. Find something you love and stick with it all the way. Period.


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