Dear music, thank you

I’m motivated right now so I won’t make this post too long, I have other things planned. I just want to say quickly how powerful music can be as a motivator. After turning on “Troyboi – Afterhours” (I haven’t heard this song in a while), I realized how badly I want to look at all my colleagues ┬áthat are in a fraternity, have fancy clothes and high grades and not be intimidated by them. I want them to notice me instead and I’d either pay no mind to them or give them a confident smile with a nod.

They have no idea what I’m planning or who I’ll become and they look at the way I dress as an antecedent for who I am. I want to walk in a room and look at no one, I want to walk straight to the reason I’m there because I have too much on my mind and don’t have time for anything else. I want to have a busy schedule, to have a purpose, to be recognized for who I am. All this thinking because of that song that I accidentally heard in a YouTube video, pretty crazy isn’t it.

There’s another guarantee for you: music. If you like music, try something new, there’s no knowing the effect a new song will have on you. Like I promised, no motivational quotes here, only hard evidence that I’m finding as my life goes by. So turn on the radio in your car, or try a new song by an artist you love, because right now I feel like I can conquer the world and I’d best not waste it. Till next time.


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