Our Uniqueness

“If you try and be like others, who will be like you?”

                This quote is probably the only one that I memorized. Ever since I heard it, I knew it was something worth remembering because it explains how unique we all are in our own ways. Many of us (including me for a while) believe that we’re not unique or different or special in anyway and that we don’t deserve a similar life. Well, let’s see if I can motivate you to think differently.

We all have someone we envy. Someone who we really want to be in the future, someone who we aspire to look and behave like. Role models would be your first thought, but I’m talking about the case where you don’t want to hang onto your old self anymore. You don’t see anything unique and all you see is negativity in yourself. Your self-esteem is low, your confidence even lower and you want to get out of that physical representation of yourself as fast possible. Trust me, I’ve been there and it sucks. This is for you.

Let’s take Brad Pitt. A good looking guy, dresses great, amazing actor, all the girls love him etc. He’ll be our white sheep for todays thought. He’s being followed by 200 other white sheep, who want nothing more than to be just like him. You are one of those white sheep in this case. You’re lost amongst a crowd of people who gave up on their own uniqueness and there’s absolutely nothing distinguishing you from everyone else.

Pretty sad huh? Now do this for me. Think to yourself what kind of plans you had for the rest of the night other than sleeping. Whether it be drawing or watching videos or texting, whatever. Think of it and hold onto it. Let’s say you chose drawing. You might say, “I have a good amount of artist friends who’ll also be drawing tonight”. Then I’d say, “yeah ok, but what’s your guys’s reason for drawing tonight?” Some might do it for homework, others for fun, but you’re drawing for a friend, to cheer them up. Still not convinced? That’s okay, I have another idea.

Look away from this post for a second and start thinking of something, anything. There you go, you’re the only person in the entire world who was thinking that at that very second. If you thought about what you’d do tomorrow or how interesting my writing is, then that would lead you to more thinking and eventually doing when tomorrow comes. Suddenly you have an entire world of plans, notes, thoughts, ideas, memories all cobwebbed into what makes you, you.

Someone out there wants to know that you draw for the happiness of others, they want to know that and they want to smile and hug you. Someone out there wants to look up to you because they’re not strong enough. They want your thoughts on what they should do because they’re lost. Someone out there wants to be like you the same way I wanted to be like Brad Pitt and THAT’S why the only person you should want to be like is yourself. Like I said, I wanted nothing more than to not be myself for the longest time, but then I realized how many people needed me. I realized how many people needed my strength, needed someone to talk to when times were tough, needed me simply because of me…it’s your turn now to realize that.

I don’t want to preach because I’m honestly in no position to do so, I’m on the road here same as you. But realizing this has changed my life, so I thought I’d share it.


2 thoughts on “Our Uniqueness

  1. I read a quote recently that in a nutshell basically stated that we don’t know who envies us. We’re so busy envying others that we fail to see our own successes that someone else is wishing for. Thought it was pretty profound. Definitely made me think twice before complaining about something that others may struggle with even more.

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