How to get out of bed~

Why is it so hard to get out of bed? It’s not because sleep feels amazing and we’re in a really comfortable position (okay maybe a little). The main reason why some of us have trouble getting out of bed is because we are instantly bombarded by realities:

  • I have a project to get started on
  • I hate my job
  • I hate my morning class
  • I don’t have an outfit planned/I have nothing cute to wear
  • I need to exercise because I’ve been putting it off for so long
  • My room is dirty and disorganized and it’s so discouraging

OR, my personal favorite:

  • It’s Monday

The key to making the bombardment of these realities less painful is to: use numbers!

Let me make tomorrow (Monday) so much easier for us:

  • I need to spend 30 minutes planning for this project
  • I hate my job but I have a break at 12:00 and I’m usually done with my work around 2:00
  • I hate my morning class but it’s a 45 minute class and I have a hour before my next one!
  • I don’t have an outfit planned but I do have about 1234 shirts and 10 pants and 40 shoes in my closet, so I’ll definitely find one.
  • I need to spend 30 minutes cycling at a gym that’s minutes away from my home
  • My room is dirty and disorganized but really I only have shirts on the floor and vacuuming takes 5 minutes!

Monday morning will come but there’s always a way to find the positive in the negative.

Change your perspective and enjoy life more.

I hope this method helps. Use numbers. Get out of bed. And make that dream come true.


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