Do you know that feeling of regret?

I’m scared. Because at the age of 20 I already have my regrets:

  • Playing so many video games
  • Not doing as well as I could’ve in high school
  • Staying in an abusive relationship two years ago

I’m scared because I’m so young and I have so much to learn yet I still have regrets. It’s a sickening feeling in my stomach, a feeling of disappointment and being ashamed of myself.

                  I invite you to think about your regrets and feel that disappointment for a couple of minutes. Sucks right? It’s awful…


  • Do we want to feel this in the future? To be reminded about how much potential we had, how many ideas we had, how much we could’ve done, yet we didn’t?
  • Or do we want to start somewhere…anywhere.

I wrote an earlier post about where to start. It can literally be anywhere because there’s so many small steps that lead to success (our problem is that we think there’s only one path). You can find the post about where to start here: Success is easier than you think…

For example, I started with something as small as food (4. Food) and that’s a step that I can 100% say with confidence, is responsible for why I am where I am right now (a couple steps closer to my dream).

                    Take a tiny step and Trust the System to do the rest…





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