Motivators #4 – Wake up to something different

Disclaimer: I am not successful. I do not want to appear as if I’m teaching others, because in reality it’s me that’s learning.

“Nothing will change unless you make a change”

Okay let’s just say for argument’s sake that you are motivated right now. You know, you aced a test or received a raise at work and you’re hype, you want to do something. You see this quote and then what…where do you start? What do you change first?

This might seem a little weird at first but bear with me. Like I said previously, it’s all in the small steps, in the small things like getting more sleep or eating breakfast daily that’ll show us our own path to success. So in the name of small steps, let me propose this:

Clean your room

Before you laugh and leave, hear me out. What’s the first thing you see when you wake up? What is the place you can’t wait to go after a long day’s work or a long day at school. Your home! 

How do you expect to live like Elon Musk, in a large mansion or nice and expensive apartment when everyday you wake up to the same shit. To the same clothes on the floor or papers everywhere or dirty dishes everywhere.

Remove one small obstacle. And becoming the next Elon Musk would be a tiny bit more believable or rather, a tiny bit less impossible.

If someone one day came to me and handed me 10 million dollars, I would be lost. I’d lose all that money doing dumb shit and eventually be broke and unhappy for the rest of my life. I haven’t mastered the small important stuff before I was given the 10 million.  

Better to learn the principles, then get the 10 million yourself. This is why I proposed cleaning your room. (If your room is already clean then get into the habit of making breakfast, you get the idea). I gave us a quote that we’ve all seen and I ignored it and instead a made plan for us, let’s try this one out. 

Wake up to cleanliness. Wake up thinking, “Okay I don’t dread this room, today CAN be different from yesterday”. I changed something and therefore I can expect something new today. If you change nothing, then you’ll have that mindset that today will not be different than yesterday, and that mindset will stay with you.



6 thoughts on “Motivators #4 – Wake up to something different

  1. 100% Agree with everything you have here. It’s definitely the small things that make or break a person. James Clear has applied the “Aggregation of Marginal Gains” in an interesting way to accomplish goals. You might find this an interesting read –

    I like the analogy you used here of cleaning your room. It actually gave me an idea to fix my ‘scheduling’ problem! Keep writing! You’re on to something good.


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