Bodybuilding for Dummies #1

Disclaimer: I am not successful. I do not want to appear as if I’m teaching others, because in reality it’s me that’s learning.

It’s time I started writing about my passion (Passion, Passion cont.I want to do great work and to do that, I have to do what I love. So here are reasons why you should include fitness in your life:

  1. Go to the beach and impress everyone.
  2. Learn an appreciation for the human body. A healthy body is a healthy mind. A healthy mind leads to anything you want. 
  3. Doesn’t matter what you wear. A fit man (a consistent gym goer who has an appreciation for food and the human body) wearing a $100 suit will always look better than an unfit man (never goes to the gym and eats processed junk food and fast food with no appreciation for food or the human body) wearing a Versace suit.
  4. Positivity. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve been negative towards life. Nowadays, I hear “life sucks” and I respond, “good to know”.
  5. Self-esteem and confidence. Feeling good is looking good. You’ve heard that one right? Well, take that body of yours everywhere you go and look into a mirror and be proud of yourself. Receive those admiring looks from people and I promise your self-esteem and confidence will be at an all time high.
  6. Lastly, change. In my opinion, the greatest motivator out there. As a bodybuilder, I see the visual changes in my body every I go and I use that as motivation to pursue other dreams I have.

So, if you’re my target audience. In other words, if you’re exactly like me. Looking for motivation, with no fear for the work that’s ahead. Look into fitness. Hell, I’m writing now (getting my name and purpose out there) because of a gym membership 2 years ago, pretty crazy huh.

Disclaimer continued – Believe me or don’t. This is a journal of my life so that one day I can look back and smile. I’m a broke college student and I want success. Relate to that second part and succeed with me. 


17 thoughts on “Bodybuilding for Dummies #1

  1. Great post! This past summer was actually my first with a set of abs. And let me tell you, it’s as awesome as the perception behind it! I just started blogging today, if you wanna check mine out, it’s how oldschool gyms were better then the new ones. Keep up this good content!


      1. Great! It’s a good place to get started. As for your post, I definitely agree that old school gyms were more effective. Similarly to old school exercises that are essential for growth.


  2. Bam!
    I’m just starting to ask other men why they began bodybuilding. My desire has always to been to embody beauty and strength. I grew up isolated from other guys. In that lonely echo chamber I believed the worst about men, that it was always about besting the other guy. I am reassured by your post that others share the same foundation.
    Thank you!

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