De-motivators – Why they need to go

Disclaimer: I am not successful. I do not want to appear as if I’m teaching others, because in reality it’s me that’s learning.

So I’m like you. Looking for motivators anywhere; under rocks, over stars etc.

But what if we’re both taking the wrong approach to motivation?

The most common way to think about motivation is, in order to accomplish something, we need to be motivated. Whether it be from a job promotion, acing a test, whatever. The right motivation has the power to get us off our asses and into the gym or out of bed.

Right? Well, I’m here to investigate something different. 

De-motivators are environments, objects, thoughts, that we experience.




Yeah thats right, the same shit everyday over and over again. Nothing new. No reason for us to follow our dreams or make any change because we have these constant reminders around us that show we’re incapable of that change. 

So do we really have the right to complain about lack of motivation? When everyday we wake up to dirty clothes on our chair, or unfinished food on our bedside table, or the same boring clothes to choose from everyday?

Of course not. So here’s what I propose:

Remove the de-motivators. 

Give yourself a reason not to dread tomorrow, or not to dread coming back home after work. Put those clothes in the laundry basket. Throw the food out. Buy yourself a new shirt. Change your wallpaper on your computer (or your phone). Sleep on the other side of the bed. Reorganize your room. 

Whatever it is. As long as it was there yesterday, and it won’t be there tomorrow, you have removed a de-motivator.

And finding motivation after that, might just be that much easier.

Till tomorrow! Mateusz out. 




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