Bodybuilding for Dummies #4 – Don’t remove junk food

Thinking back to the beginning, removing junk food is probably one of the biggest mistakes I made. Let me explain:

If you’re approaching bodybuilding, or any fitness goal for that matter, with a professional mindset meaning perfect nutrition, perfect consistency, perfect sleep schedule, you will fail. 

It’s that simple.

For all those “New Year new me” people. You have never been successful with your gym plan or your weight loss plan, because you tackled too many goals at once. You woke up at 6AM, made yourself an omelette, went to the gym, slept for 8 hours a night….and this lasted for a week. 

It was too big of a change for your body, for your mind, and you gave up. 

If you want to learn the simplest, best way to become an athlete or be fit or become a bodybuilder, I need you to forget every video you watched, every article you read, everyone you spoke to, and trust me. 

I’ve taken the steps for you and I’ve learned the lessons for you. You are going to approach your goal, without removing junk food. 

This will be your motivation. Your drive. Your checkpoint. Because chances are this is all you ate before you planned for a change and to cut your body some slack, we will allow the junk food.

But when should you eat that junk food and how often?

Every time you hit the gym, every time you eat a healthy meal, and every time you get a good night’s sleep, I want you to eat some junk food. Don’t go insane of course, but definitely reward yourself. 

I am going to teach you consistency without being there. I am going to do the work for you through these posts. My posts will make you stay consistent up until the point where the only person that tells you to stop eating junk food, is yourself.

I will get you up and moving. I will stop you from deviating from your path. I will do everything up until you take control. I don’t even have to ask you if you will take control because I’ve been there and I know you will eventually. The change will come, the motivation will come and you will be unstoppable. 

The only thing I need from you is your trust. Your trust in my posts. Your trust in my experience and knowledge. Your trust in my passion.

I will do the rest. 

As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next bodybuilding post!

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