My positivity won’t always bring change

This post is something different for anyone who’s struggling or depressed or on the verge of giving up in life. 

I need to be honest. Firstly, I want to say that I know people gravitate towards those who are positive and trust me I am. Add me on FaceBook and talk to anyone of my friends and you’ll see that my head is always held high, through thick and thin.

But it’s not about me! Don’t you see?

I can throw positivity at you. I can write posts that read: “Stay strong!” or “Believe in yourself!”. I can throw exclamation marks at you, show you my positive outlook on life, and write about my happiness! I can attach the following quote:



10-Motivating-Quotes-To-Help-You-Succeed-6437-3They’re both true of course but honestly, do you think they’re true? 

Instead, I want to show you what you thought was impossible. I want it to convince you that there ARE shortcuts and there’s more to see than you can imagine.

Look, this is not a negative post, this is the side we don’t write about. Positivity is a powerful tool, but sometimes it doesn’t work.

And for the times it doesn’t work, I want to help. I want my writing to be relatable and not just be a documentation of my experiences. 

There are millions of people out there that are having a rough time. People that haven’t seen a different world, that can’t be strong anymore. People that are going through a family death or a breakup, and desperately need someone in their life to tell them everything’s going to be okay. 

I cannot only parade around my happiness, knowing that there are people going through times like these. 

I started this blog not only to help my success but to help others accomplish their goals. I want people on the last day of 2017 to ask themselves, “What have I done this year” and I want their answer to be different from last years. Or better yet, I want them to start 2018 with a laid out plan and a friend that can keep them on track.

I want that friend to be me. 

So if you fit the criteria I described at the start of this post, the following email is for you. I want stories, I want dreams, thoughts, ideas, anything.

Let’s start making a plan for 2018~






13 thoughts on “My positivity won’t always bring change

  1. Funny to read this as people tend to think I’m negative about life. Reality is I’m one of those weird people who prefer to prepare for the worst outcome. Not because I’m trying to be depressive, or feel depressed (though I do at times like everyone), but by doing so anything else is bound to be positive. 🙂

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  2. Hi I found you through our mutual blogging “friend”, the Editor’s Joutnal. I usually worry about my travels but have included some of my struggles. I have just posted about it recently. Thanks for all these quotes. I can definitely use your blog to help me through during tougher times.

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