BodyBuilding for Dummies #5 – Gaining size/looking good without the gym

If you’re reading this, then you either don’t believe me or you haven’t been reading my posts consistently and so you don’t have the motivation to exercise or hit the gym…yet.

Let’s start with the simplest one first. Gaining size. You don’t need the gym to gain size. You need food. And this is a guarantee as well as a shortcut (we love both). It’s a shortcut because if you don’t have it in you to start going to the gym, you can still work on your goal of that dream body you saw online.

How so? Well the truth is, if you want to gain muscle, you need to program an eating disorder in yourself. Yes, you heard me right. Eating needs to be your life. 


Christmas came early this year, I just told you that you can eat however much you want and get that dream body of yours. The nonstop eating will set a great foundation for your sculpting (bodybuilding).

Of course, the catch comes with the consistency. If you want size, you need to eat a lot consistently, and you need to be eating real food. I don’t want you to cut out junk food entirely as I’ve mentioned before, but I don’t want you eating it daily. A daily diet that’s something like: chicken, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, eggs, you get the idea. Eat the real good first, then the junk food as a reward. 

~Okay, now the one you want to hear~

However athletic you are, even if you aren’t at all, chances are you aren’t looking your best at any point in the day. These tips will allow you to show your 100%:

  • Sleep. A solid 8 hours is probably the most important tip out of all of these.
  • Food. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Get these meals in and allow your muscles to fill up and expand to their max (without a pump).
  • Water. Water allows your muscles to absorb those carbs from the food. More water means more visible veins, bigger arms, etc.

No comes the best part: Whether you’re athletic or not, these tips will work. An un-athletic man weighing 250 pounds will look more vibrant than an athlete running on 3 hours of sleep without food in his system, if he sticks to these tips. 

Sure that man is 250 pounds, but he worked hard to perfect these tips and it shows he wants it more than the athlete. Anyone can go to the gym, honestly. But sticking to a food schedule? Getting in a gallon of water daily and sleeping a consistent 8 hours? It’s really much harder than it sounds.

Someone who has no excuse, who just knows he’s lazy and can’t get himself in the gym, can still work harder than the athlete who’s in the gym 24/7. 

Once I’m a fitness coach, I will tell all of my clients who want size to not go to the gym for six months and instead, learn to eat a lot of food. Yes, “learn” to eat. Program an eating disorder in your body.


So, you have excuses? You’re lazy? Don’t worry so am I. Can’t hit the gym or get down and do 50 pushups? No problem. Perfect a solid 8 hours a night of sleep. Or perfect drinking a gallon of water a day. Or perfect eating your meals.

And I promise you, you’ll get further than that athlete who’s in the gym everyday. 



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