Christmas Sharing Present!

It’s Christmas!


THE day is finally here! The preparing, caroling, cooking, decorating, shopping we’ve been doing for what…the past month (?!?) has finally led to this day! And although most of you are sleeping or wrapping last minute presents, I thought I’d sneak in a quickie “present” to give back this year. 


We all know how much of a hassle it is to scroll through hundreds of posts from people you follow to track down those whose you content you really love and connect with.

To remedy this problem, I will hopefully turn this post into a notification thread. Everyone who shares their content in the comments below, will be able to post future posts in that same thread. This will allow everyone that liked the content to see the notification (because they’re part of that thread) and they’ll conveniently be alerted about new posts.


While I will spend the rest of my night reaching out to everyone that follows me (whom I follow back) and every new writer I can before I pass out…


Your job (when you wake up) is to…

  1. Post your most recent post, or the one your most proud of (with a link and description to show off your talents). Remember to include “http”. 
  2. Reply to at least one other comment. Provide constructive feedback, follow, like, whatever you want! Just one!

This Christmas will be one I will never forget. For once I was given presents and told by my mom not to worry about the price. Normally, I’d ask and potentially return the present if I didn’t really need it knowing we needed the money. But this year I felt secure, I’m happy my mom isn’t struggling financially anymore. Nothing beats this feeling. 

And I want to share it~

This post will allow each and every one of us to put a smile on a new blogger’s face. We were just like them, unsure if our content would ever get read.

Prove to them someone’s reading, blow up their notifications for Christmas morning!

Remember it’s always better to give than to receive 🙂

Merry Christmas! 





75 thoughts on “Christmas Sharing Present!

  1. I am a new follower to your page, so I am still new to your content. You were the first person to find my blog organically and provide me with feedback. For that I am grateful. I am happy to return the favor, somebody has to get the momentum started. My feedback is regarding your recent post “The BIG Question”. This is gonna be probably more feedback than you anticipated, but I really want to do this justice.

    In this post, you ask yourself essentially “Why does everybody else seem to have it figured out, when I clearly am a mess?” I am happy to address this question because this dilemma has my biggest source of insecurity throughout college, and the inspiration for my entire blog’s existence.

    My response to your question is one that probably isn’t the answer you were looking for or wanted to hear and it is that NOBODY has their life together. As a general rule, we all create this image of ourselves that we want to be seen as by other’s. This is even moreso easy to do in the Social Media Age. We highlight our strengths and take anything that can make us look better and broadcast it to the world. Essentially we try to convince others that we are who we want to be, who we wish we were.

    You’ll find that as you get to know somebody more intimately, you see more and more of their flaws and insecurities. Even the most impressive people have their demons. If you think somebody doesn’t struggle, you don’t know them well enough.

    My next comment is that in this post you seem to essentially be equating success with happiness. To this, I would say that you are also being decieved. The things that are supposed to give us the most happiness seem to be what leave us the most empty. You will find the most successful celebrities admit that their accolades, money and possessions are not enough to satisfy them. This phenomena explains all the brokenness in Hollywood.

    The people in life who are the most happy are always those who discover their purpose in life and pursue it. I encourage you to stay in school and get your degree. If you’re still passionate about designing when you graduate, then design stuff man. With thay degree, you will have more knowledge and means to design.

    No matter what you read on the internet, getting a degree will help you man. The career opportunities and the character development that you receive while working through college is so worth the work you put in and the opportunity cost.

    I encourage you to take a look at my blog. The purpose of my blog is essentially to share my unfiltered thoughts and insecurities to encourage other people that they are not alone, to embrace their weaknesses and be more vulnerable with each other.

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    1. Firstly, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to write such a long comment 🙂 Secondly, I agree with everything you’ve said. I know most people aren’t what they show they are, but most people (obviously not you and me) don’t understand that and they live their life comparing themselves with that false image. Thirdly, when I equate success with happiness, I literally mean exactly what you said. Not the material things, but definitely the happiness you get from love or the happiness from being the best version of yourself. That would be my definition of success. I’ve been taking a look at your posts, you know what you’re talking about. Make sure to post future ones here, so I and other fans you might have can see them 🙂


  2. You have such great ideas!:) I really like that about your posts – you are open minded and creative. Thanks for the opportunity to share my post here. I’m adding a link for a post that is important to me because I’m in process of setting my goals for 2018 now (actually November-December time!). I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas. Merry Christmas!:)

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      1. Hi , thanks for reading my recent blog posts. Very nice goal 🙂 Setting only one goal at a time is a very clever decision but I think there are more strategies that work well so sometimes we can allow ourselves on setting more goals, especially if they are related one to another. What do you think?
        I’m working on deciding what goals are the best so there will be actually a few goals (but not like 20! haha). I won’t start them all at the same time on 1st January though but I’ll be implementing them and maybe modifying some of my ideas from my list every few weeks. I’m planning to do monthly and quarterly reviews and to be more accountable to myself to record working on these goals and trying different productivity and time management techniques here on this blog 😉 I think the most important is to have a bit flexible approach in it. Take care x

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  3. I love this idea!!! How great! Late to the party, but positivity never goes amiss, so here goes my little contribution!

    Those dreams! Go out and get them!!! Make them true* Never despair, as life will guide you in the least expected ways, it will teach you, and if you stay true to your vision, it will even take your hand and RUN into the sunset!!! Haha Much love to all*

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