No. 2

Why is depression perceived negatively?

Let’s look at it differently~

You and me, we have something different, something unique. We have something everyone shies away from and avoids. What we have apparently needs counseling and therapy and blah blah.

We’re different from all those perfect people who have their lives figured out. Living weekend to weekend to drink with their friends and turn tomorrow into yesterday. Living everyday as if they already planned it.

They won’t have our lives. They won’t think the crazy things we think. They won’t create those weird ideas that we have from time to time. They won’t fall asleep to soundtracks every night 😉

You and me, we have the honor to fight the hardest battle possible. With ourselves. And just like on the battlefield, everyday’s different. Everyday’s a challenge. An adventure. 

Why is it something we have to escape?

If it’s somewhere safe. Somewhere we’re allowed to think our own thoughts and not be judged for it. Somewhere we can spread our wings and fly away every night. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

If it works for us, let’s keep it. Let’s use it. Use it’s power. It’s energy.

And then one day, wake everyone who’s fallen asleep on us. 


5 thoughts on “No. 2

      1. I have been going through a depression like state of mind after losing my mom a year back. Your blog brought a smile to my face. 🙂

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