No. 3 – You’re fat. Now let’s begin.

You’re just like me.

You know very well that reading something that’ll show you the EASIEST way to lose weight won’t get you to actually try it. Until of course someone calls you fat or you accidentally eat food in the exact right times…lol.

Okay, you’re fat. 

Now let’s begin. 

Cutting food is an obvious no-no. If I mention those two words together without negating them, I can be sure to get zero views on this post. So what is the easiest way?

Intermittent fasting. 

Eat for 8 hours. Fast for 16 hours. That’s it! What you eat during those 8 hours will determine how you look, but in truth it won’t affect your weight loss goal.

Stick with those numbers, eat whatever you want and you’ll see results.

And if you’re expecting scientific evidence, you won’t find it here. I’ve done it and I’ve lost weight and if that doesn’t appeal to you…sorry. 

Besides, we don’t have time for evidence. We have to get back to counting the years we have left in our life and assume we have plenty of time and end up not doing anything.

So I won’t bother us. But when you do try it, comment your own numbers down below.

Happy Counting!


4 thoughts on “No. 3 – You’re fat. Now let’s begin.

    1. The results will decrease as time goes on. The less body fat you have, the harder it is to lose it. However, if it’s working for you and you definitely feel better in your body, I’d encourage you to continue doing it. It’s a healthy lifestyle 🙂


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