No. 5 – I’ve got a plan for us

Have you gone to the gym like you said you would?

Have you started editing videos like you wanted to?

Have you started photography like you planned?

Have you turned your ideas and dreams into a reality?


But why?

Because you’re hating life for being unfair but deep down you know it’s your own fault.

Don’t be ashamed. It’s my story too.

We’re both seeking help. Seeking a method, a solution, an equation…even a helping hand.

To turn our dreams into reality. To prove that anyone can do it and that life doesn’t suck.

But let’s be honest. Who will understand. Who will help us.

We’ve heard too many times, “the path is yours and yours alone.”

While that is true, I think we can help each other. 

So I’ve got a plan for us

And that plan includes random numbers. 

One random number everyday that’ll tell us how much time to spend on our dreams.

For example, my dream is to learn to draw.

So today’s random number of 21, will tell me I have to draw for 21 minutes.

If you’re dream is to learn to dance, then you’ll dance for 21 minutes.

If you’re dream is to learn to cook, then you’ll cook for 21 minutes.

*Remember use this time for something you want to do. Not what you have to do*

*The range for now is 15-30 minutes (gotta start small)*

Could this work?

I’m just like you. I’m hoping it will. Here’s why I think it will:

  • Fair but firm. Some days the number will be 15. Other days 30.
  • It’s unpredictable. Spontaneous. Mysterious. Fun.
  • It’s pretty close to that helping hand we need but don’t have. Instead of constantly telling us to spend 30 minutes, it changes. Giving us flexibility and showing it cares.

Why can this work?

You’re smart. You know the answer. Consistency. 

It’s not the number that needs to stay consistent, it’s the time period.

A couple minutes everyday will ALWAYS beat a couple hours here and there.

And with time the minutes will increase. Not by me, but by you.

You’re expertise in cooking or drawing will come and so will your desire to do more. 

You’re creativity will blossom. Your fire will ignite. 

And soon we will begin to understand how it’s so easy for others to start their days.

“Others” with their clear skin and high grades, nice clothes, happy smiles, popularity…

They don’t have to wake up to confusion and regret, like we do.

They live everyday with a recipe, just like we will.

A recipe of passion and consistency. 

Expect a number everyday at 12PM

We’ll help each other.

I post the numbers and we both work.

We’ll find a passion of ours and work with our hearts in that time.

The struggle will come when we realize how bad we are at drawing or cooking.

But improvement and expertise will come eventually.

And with it confidence and happiness. 

To our dreams~















23 thoughts on “No. 5 – I’ve got a plan for us

  1. I honestly cannot think of something new and creative I would like to do…. I could say cake decorating but I am already trying to learn that… I suppose I could turn the radio on and dance the way I used to do when my kids were small… okay pick a number but please start small…

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  2. Interesting post! I think this is a great way for all the “resolutioners” to kick it into gear. I have used methods like writing in my journal after I workout or walk around the neighborhood or going to a coffee shop to read because I think we all need to get back to ourselves and what our souls crave.

    look forward to reading more!

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    1. I think the problem with writing in a journal is that you’ll feel like you constantly have to write a complete log. With this method, you don’t have to complete anything, just work with your heart for that time 🙂


      1. I would disagree. I use my journal for my multiple reasons not just logging in my troubles or what’s spinning in my head… then that becomes negative rather than a growth exercise. I will draw if I want too, Plan a small trip, Paste Polaroids in it, reflect on my time with God, plan a workout, or just write what I’m thankful for.
        I think there are a ton of creative ways to use a journal


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