Fitness for Dummies #7 – Easiest way to get your fruits/veggies in

If you’re reading this then you’re just starting to realize the importance of vegetables and fruits for the gains you want. You’re not new to the gym but you’ve been giving lifting 70% of your effort up till now and received 70% back. 

Enough joking around, you’re thinking. “Time to start putting in 100%”.

I’m with you! The only problem is, you just like me, don’t look forward to eating those fruits and vegetables. Protein and carbs are fine. Carbs especially, they’re so easy!

But fruits and veggies, they’re so tasteless and bleh~

So what I propose is: eating them all at once. One meal. Get it over with. 


This is a pic I took for my Instagram.

By far, the easiest way I know of for consuming the foods you KNOW you need. It won’t be the tastiest meal but at least you know you’ve conquered them entirely for the day.

And no, you don’t have to do it in the morning. Choose the time that works for you. 

One meal. All your veggies. All your fruits. One and done. 

Then, the easier parts. Carbs, proteins, fats. How simple is that?

Try it, let me know what you think and as always~

Train smarter, not harder 😉


4 thoughts on “Fitness for Dummies #7 – Easiest way to get your fruits/veggies in

  1. HAha that may be good idea actually! 😉 Some days I realise I eat too small amounts of vegs (kind of hardly any!) so I try to have ALWAYS some vegs with my lunch. Apparently 50% of your plate should be vegs so I’m trying to stick at least to this rule..Nice short post. I’ve been struggling to write posts which are less than 500 words! And I’m really busy so that would be helpful if I learn to write less! lol 😉

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    1. Haha yea definitely. I decided to write less because I realized most people don’t even read the posts they click on unless they get comfortable with the reader and so they miss out on the great content you write and potentially a follower. I want my writing to be short, sweet and to the point. Also for the veggies. Tell yourself you’ll eat let’s say one apple and one orange a day and eat it all at once, and it’ll definitely be more effective than 50% of your plate being green etc.


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