Fitness for Dummies #8 – The easiest time of day to start your “get fit” plan

Quick look answer – 

Not the morning. Or afternoon. Or evening. Rather, the easiest time is right after work.

Explanation – 

The target audience for this post are people who can’t stay consistent, like me.

So specific times of day like the morning or afternoon or evening, will not work.


Why right after work/school?

You’re up and running already. Your blood is pumping. You’re already active. Socializing, filing papers, doing homework, walking etc. After work is the happiest time of day for most of us. Best time of day to make a healthy decision. 

Whereas a couple hours after work, you’ll have your feet up with a bag of chips watching Netflix or you’ll have a bottle of wine next to you with the news on.

We both know we’re not getting up once we sit down on that sofa.


And why should we? Relax!

So…how much do I have to do?

Now, the beauty of it. That’s totally up to you!

Notice how general I made the title: get fit. 

This could include buying a piece of fruit after work or eating a couple carrots.

Hell, this could include walking to the second floor of your building and then taking the elevator to your apartment on the 12th floor.

Everyday, after work, do something/anything that you can be proud of. 

Afterwards you won’t get your daily dose of guilt as you munch on snacks.

And definitely not on weekends. Weekends is our time for relaxing 😉

So stop forcing yourself to get up early in the morning to go for a run.

Stop trying to live like a professional athlete or fitness trainer. 

We’re not consistent nor fit (yet) so let’s stop taking ten steps forward.

Figure out what works for you and play around with it, there’s no deadline here!


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14 thoughts on “Fitness for Dummies #8 – The easiest time of day to start your “get fit” plan

  1. Omg! This could not have come in a better time. I have been mentally telling myself i need to fit 30 mins of exercise into my day everyday but everyday i feel so tired that i say I’ll do it tomorrow. Telling myself to wake up early for a run but always end in me hitting the snooze button about ten times before I’m 30 mins away from being late to work. 😩 but reading your blog i realize your right, i should just try exercising right after school or work. Or at least self motivate a new mindset. Imma try but i can’t make any promises 😂

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    1. No promises necessary 😉 This is for you 🙂 After work or school will definitely be easiest, don’t worry about getting up early or what not. Figure out what’s easiest for you and stick with it. Simple 🙂

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  2. I’ve also found that right after work was the best time for me to workout. Considering that I sit in front of the computer all day working my brains out, it’s a much welcome change of pace to go for a run and rest my brain daydreaming. Since I’m self-employed, this allows me to better separate my working hours from the rest.

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  3. couldn’t agree more!!! im up early to walk the dogs and couldn’t think of anything worse than trying to go for a run that early! my brain isn’t functioning on all cylinders! so I go after work! I get home walk the dogs, which is kinda a debrief and mental release from the day, then home and change into the gym clothes and head out! if I sat down and ate or made t I wouldn’t move for the rest of the evening! I just remind myself that an hours workout/run/walk whatever is 4% of your day. 🙂

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    1. It’s pretty crazy isn’t it. I didn’t even think of it like that, 4% is insane haha. More power to you though, keep going after work and even bring your clothes with you so you save some time 🙂 Keep working hard! By the way, do you use FaceBook?


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