Blogging made simple #1 – Want success? Write with passion.

My definition of success with blogging:

High following, lots of views/likes/visitors, eventually some profit.

What I mean by write with passion:

You have two choices.

Either blog about a passion of yours and aspire to help others and change their lives or blog to declutter your mind/life.

Now I’ll be frank. I think both can earn you a following and earn you money but you will have a higher chance of success with the first option (at least in the beginning).

Completely your choice. However, if you do want a place to be your true self without judgement, by all means spill your mind away (it’s just not the choice I made).


The choice I made requires finding your passion and being sure about it.

Because only with passion will you write brilliantly and love every second. Once again, you do not have to have an English Literature degree to write brilliantly! 

You will have an audience that loves you and looks forward to your writing because your passion will be visible through your writing. Your creativity that only comes from constant practice outside of writing, will be noticed. 

Your brilliant, weird, wacky ideas from your consistency outside of WordPress, will have your readers thinking ‘there is truth behind this’.

But that means you must be honest and most importantly with yourself. A blogger who writes about bodybuilding and fitness will never have a solid loyal following, if he’s never in the gym and not fit. Nor will a site about baking with a blogger who pulls recipes off the web. It will never happen. 

Find what you love and love to write about it.

Blogging made simple 🙂



14 thoughts on “Blogging made simple #1 – Want success? Write with passion.

    1. Exactly! Like I said, whether to spill your mind on paper or to write about what you love and try to influence others, write for freedom from the real world 🙂 I just didn’t talk too much about spilling your mind because I don’t do that.


  1. This is definitely some great advice- although, what do think about blogs which do not have one particular theme? For instance, my blog, is really about a lot of things. I write about books, food, fiction, motivation and a lot of other things that I feel passionately about. Do you think they may not work because they cannot attract one particular type of audience?

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    1. I’d say it will definitely take more time than a blog with one theme. That’s only because if one of your readers does like a post of yours (let’s say it’s about books) and it’s not your main focus, then they’d have to wait a while before you write another post about books because you write about food and fiction as well. However, another important aspect is your writing style. If they love your writing, then regardless what you write about, they will come back to read because of how fluent and brilliantly you write. So for now I wouldn’t worry about it, if you love it, keep writing! Maybe in the future you’ll zoom in on one or two things instead of a couple. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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      1. That actually makes sense! I’ll be sure to try out all the things I enjoy writing about for now, and then zoom in on one main focus layer. Thanks so much for advice!

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