The reason why you can’t stay consistent ft. the Fix


You’ve won today’s battle against yourself, but are you prepared for tomorrow’s?


It’s ridiculous how much easier we can make our lives, yet we choose not to.

  • As a bodybuilder, I can choose to prepare my meals for tomorrow earlier…
  • As a student, I can choose to prepare my bag and clothes for tomorrow tonight…
  • As a waiter, I can choose to prepare my silverware for tomorrow today…

But we don’t.

And what we do we get in return?

Inconsistency. Days where we apply ourselves 50% or 70% or even 90%.

“90% isn’t that bad”

It’s not…if you consistently stay at 90%.

Otherwise, anything below 100% is the same. Not our best. 

And thus, everyday becomes a half-step or quarter-step towards our goal…not a full step.

Which eventually leads to more work and less time spent enjoying the finish line.


Say you’ve beaten your mind and finally gone to the gym. Today’s biggest battle is won.

While you bask in your glory, remember that consistency is a daily battle.

Spend 15 minutes preparing and have a higher chance of being consistent tomorrow.

  • Put gym clothes in your bag or pack a shake or protein bar for tomorrow.
  • Pack your bag, choose your clothes the night before and don’t miss your class.
  • Prepare your silverware and glassware tonight for customers tomorrow.

Be prepared. Stay consistent. Live your dream 🙂


24 thoughts on “The reason why you can’t stay consistent ft. the Fix

  1. True indeed. It has been so rightly said, “a work well begun is half done”. Preparing ahead always helps keep us in a good stead assuring our success. Thanks! It’s the right kind of motivation at the right time for me.

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