One word fitness advice

I’ll make this a quickie. *cracks knuckles*

So you saw a picture of Ryan Reynolds shirtless and today’s that day. Today’s the day that you stop dreaming and get into shape…finally.

You’ve called your best friend and both of you signed up at the nearest gym.


Just. Stop. Please. And listen.

You’ve already been down this road! Screw the gym. Screw that workout partner or fitness instructor you hired. I’ve got one word that’ll get you closer to looking like Ryan Reynolds than 100 hours in the gym or 100 dollars a session for a trainer.

FOOD! Yes, you dummy. FOOD!

Want fast results without even getting up off your sofa? Without adding any physical activity to your day? Without breaking a sweat?

Open your trashcan. Open your fridge. And introduce the two.

Ice cream. Chocolate. Cake. Cream Cheese. Nutel–WAIT, no not that! We all need some of that in our fridge. Everything else, if you think it’s bad, toss it.

Now take a second to backtrack. I just saved you money and a huge drop in confidence (had you gone to the gym) with one word. Literally.

Think you can handle the next word? Stay tuned.

Mateusz, out.







5 thoughts on “One word fitness advice

  1. Very funny! I am not sure if you intended this to be funny but you made me laugh out loud. I agree with half of what you said. Yes we need to stop eating garbage but if we want to be healthy we also need to exercise. We do not have to go to a gym. In my blogs I wrote a piece listing hundreds of different ways to exercise. We can exercise and have fun doing it but exercise will not profit us if we continue eating garbage.

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    1. Yea exercise is also needed but I couldn’t fit food and exercise into one word, that was going to be for the next posts. This is just meant for anyone that wants to get fit and needs to start somewhere.


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