Achieving greatness~


Firstly, I want to start off by saying, you’re not alone. Think of a friend you have or a stranger you saw today on the bus and realize, they too might hate their lives.

Remember, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Secondly, the reason. There are tons of these but I think the biggest contributor for anyone’s distaste with their life is: lack of self-fulfillment.

For example, you’ve always wanted to be a dancer. Yet you’ve never tried dancing. Either because you’re scared or you know nothing will ever become of it. You’re a star waiting to explode, but you’re too scared to try.

And this leads to the smaller reasons: depression, self-esteem issues, lack of confidence.

You’re frantically searching for a way out. I’m just like you.

And because of that, I’d hate if someone wrote something like: just dance. So I wont.  The issue is far more complex so instead, I’ll write: bear with me for the following. 


Take a celebrity you know. I’ll go first. Tom Hardy (Mad Max omggggggg).

Notice something. Why is every celebrity we know, at their 100%. All the time.

Perfect hair. Perfect skin. Perfect teeth. Nice clothes. Always happy. It’s frustrating!

Because here we are with everyday problems like self-esteem or depression or a bad hair day or feeling under the weather. Whatever it might be. That in itself is quite depressing.

I asked myself, how? How is it so easy for them? How do they do it? And I thought:

“What if one day, Tom Hardy did everything 100%. Meaning he had a good night’s sleep, ate his healthy meals, ran his errands, challenged himself, loved a little etc.”

And what if after that day he thought:

“WOW. For that one day, I was someone else entirely. I was not the Tom Hardy who hated his life but someone else, someone great. Someone I could be.”

And from then on, he’s the Tom Hardy that you and I know.


Since I always leave a plan for my readers, I now write: live 100% for one day.

One. Day. If you’re truly dissatisfied with your life. If you truly think you’re not meant for anything different because of the cards you were dealt. Challenge yourself.

Do your absolute best for one day. From the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep. Do everything you know is necessary in your heart.

Prove to yourself that you’re capable of feeling the universe, breathing in its energy, being great and living a life you can be proud of. Recognize your potential.

Achieve greatness.

“I lived 50% for most of my life. Then I eventually tried 70%. 80. 90.

It was only at a 100% that I became someone else entirely.



4 thoughts on “Achieving greatness~

    1. Exactly! One day. Even if not to do if for yourself, do it for your parents or siblings who love you. See for yourself what you’re capable of and constantly be reminded of it in the future 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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