Why we should all spend 5 years in jail

Well, most of us at least. Gordon Ramsay, you can stay out.

First off, I want to start off by mentioning that life is 100% choice. Whatever disability you’re born with (with few exceptions), whatever you’ve gone through in your life, whatever you’ve been brought up believing can be shut out by you. The human mind is capable of almost anything, if you choose to control it.

Now, onto that bizarre and ridiculous title.

Why jail?

Well not so much jail as isolation from the world outside. Without the notion of danger but a sense of authority to make sure you don’t escape. Regular jail responsibilities will be enforced too including bad food, one hour a day outside, limited access to internet etc. Basically safe confinement with any books needed, paper, pencils etc.


One word: appreciation. I believe most of us don’t appreciate life as much as we should (not even close), including me. If someone like Stephen Hawking can be paralyzed for 50 years and still choose to achieve greatness, then we have no excuse. If a teenager on the street can get into Harvard, then we have no excuse. We have more than enough yet we choose to let quotes like “life sucks” and “it’s not for everyone“, govern our lives.

Why years? And why 5 years?

Months are definitely too short. There’s not enough time for thinking and planning and appreciation. Why not 1 year? I feel like if you can say, “I’ll be out by the end of the year“, it’s not long enough. And if you think about it, how much time do we waste in our lives anyway? From moping around to being lazy, we waste an average of 5 years already.

Why Gordon Ramsay?

I believe him and others like Bill Gates or Oprah, truly appreciate their life. Either through a personal experience or choice, they have taken complete control of their lives and started living their dreams. Choice is “just doing it” as Nike likes to say, but for people like us who struggle to do that, it’s much more complicated. The other option is experience, for those of us that want to live our dreams.

I still don’t understand~

Well, let me tell you what I’d do. I’d use the time doing push-ups, pull-ups, drawing, dancing, learning languages through books, studying etc. That feeling of isolation and withdrawal from the world will fuel you. You’ll have no choice but to learn. Even if you do nothing all day, isolation will make you appreciate your gift and your family/friends. Think about actual prisoners and how much they’ve learned after confinement.

This may be a bold statement but to me, taking a life and wasting your own, are similar. If you’re a believer, the afterlife will look different but the prisoner will learn his mistake and more after jail, yet you will learn nothing from a dormant life.

So tell me, would you spend 5 years in a jail? Just to appreciate what you have and what others don’t? Just to start working seriously on your dream?

I’d like to think I would.

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6 thoughts on “Why we should all spend 5 years in jail

    1. Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad you think so, although I’ve been told it’s a little too harsh. I just think life is so precious and we have an obligation to take full advantage of it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Iโ€™m not going to jail, even for a minute. Well, I have been to jails and prisons (even death row) in my higher education work but Iโ€™m not going as an inmate. I promise to appreciate my life! You are funny, though.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha this one was a little extreme. I got mixed reviews from this one, but I’m glad it was comedic. What I meant was just an event or something that’ll turn our worlds upside down and teach us once and for all to love what we have ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading and the comments!


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