The reason we’re unsuccessful ft. the Solution

“Success is happiness…if you’re doing it right”

Quick Look Answer – 

If I asked you right now to define success, you’d probably throw a combination of money, cars and mansions at me. However, that’s incorrect. These come after success.

Longer Answer – 

Which tells me you’re also unsuccessful because you don’t know its definition:

Living a successful life is living a life that you (yourself) have created; finding what you love to do and working as hard as you need to, to become happy.

Someone who makes a lot of money, can be unsuccessful. Money ≠ Success. 

For example, a cashier at Target can be more successful that someone working for Morgan Stanley. The fresh out of college lawyer, can go home everyday regretting that he didn’t pursue dance (what he loves to do). The high school dropout, can go home everyday and design T-Shirts (what he loves to do).

The Target employee is already more successful. He’s chasing his dreams! The degree to how successful he will become, is dependent on his devotion and hard-work.

“If you love something and pursue it, you will eventually reach the top”

This is why the first step towards success is: finding what you love to do.

But it doesn’t end there. Finding your passion is a step but there’s more. Drawing or dancing or cooking for an hour a day isn’t enough. You need to do your research, explore different methods, be curious etc.

“Success is both doing what you want and doing what’s necessary”

For example, an athlete with aspirations of competing at the Olympics, knows that there is no room for junk food, these will only hinder his results. He also knows that consistency and diversity in his training is what he needs for the best results.

Becoming a professional athlete is what he wants, and consistency is what he needs. 

Finally, it’s never too late! That urge inside you, that passion you have will always be with you. It’s screaming to be explored, to be satisfied. So satisfy it!

  • Be that lawyer that comes back from work and dances.
  • Be that Target employee that comes home and designs T-Shirts.
  • Be that student that comes back to their dorm and plays chess.

Success is Happiness, and happiness can be found at all ages. 

The only way to do great work, is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs

Thursday’s post: “Success: Needs vs. Wants” 

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3 thoughts on “The reason we’re unsuccessful ft. the Solution

  1. I definitely agree! Success means getting up to do what you love consistently and reaping the benefits (money, cars, etc.) along the way.

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