Blogging made simple #3 – Stop proofreading!

Quick Look – 

Editing removes your personality. It removes mistakes that add to your uniqueness. We want that! So instead keep it and don’t get too worked up over mistakes or grammar 🙂

Explanation – 

Don’t misunderstand this post, you generally want sound grammar. 

And some blogs require that, depends on your blog. For example, freelance writers that write reviews for huge corporations like Google or Apple, they need to watch for every dot because it’s there job!

But you’re not a freelance writer because you’re reading this post! Neither is it your job (I’m assuming), you just want some good beginner advice, so here goes:

If spelling words rong is something that always gets the better of you, then spell them wrong! Check to see if your readers are actually reading by doing so 🙂 

If run-ons are a weakness of yours then include them! Same with using “their” vs. “there” or going off topic or whatever it is that makes your blog unique. 

We all have a voice as you know. Some of yours more weird than others *wink wink* but if we all proofread to perfection, where would that voice go? It’d be lost behind walls of order and discipline. 

But this is blogging. There’s no room for order, just disorganization and chaos. That’s what we want because that’s your mind on paper. So spill it out!

Comment if you agree!

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And remember, keep making mistakes!



2 thoughts on “Blogging made simple #3 – Stop proofreading!

  1. Someone actually wrote me a whole email just to tell me that I’d spelt the word ‘null’ wrong. I can’t even think what post it was in and it’s obviously a typo not a misspelling because I’m not that thick!! But an email? Really? Some people need help.

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