The third reason you’re unhappy ft. a Plan



Regret has by far the biggest impact on our happiness. Unlike comparison and control, it rarely has a fix. In fact, if your regret is enough to rid you of your happiness then it’s because there is no fix. And you’re technically right…but there’s more. 

Examples: a family member’s death, life in prison, spinal cord injury etc.

The purpose of this post is to force realization onto every reader. The truth is most of us (including myself), never act until it’s too late. For example, we don’t pursue love until we’re 60 and lonely. Unfortunately, it gets harder as we get older but time spent without love can be made up for. Time spent with your dead brother…cannot. The regret that comes with that, can only be avoided now. 

Plan (to avoid regret)

First, write down the most important things in your life:

Family, self-fulfillment

Second, how will you prevent regretting these things:

Make more time for my family

Make my dreams a reality

Finally, imagine regretting them:

Parent’s dead. Didn’t spend enough time with them.  

Age 70. Too old to become a model athlete. 

Note: Family should be on everyone’s list. 


Plan (to help with regret)

Thankfully, life goes on. And with it, opportunity. The opportunity to spend time with another family or friend, your grandson or a best friend. The opportunity to find and pursue another ambition of yours. The opportunity to make right the mistakes you’ve made and teach others the pain regret has given you and how to avoid it.

If you’re young like me, avoid the regret while you can.

If you’re a stormtrooper, you’re awesome.

If you’re living with regret, chin up.

Life goes on 🙂

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