(How to) remove bad habits before implementing good ones

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I recently started reading, Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly and while I’ve only gotten 30 pages in, I’m beginning to understood the biggest problem in our lives.


The book focuses on the idea that we ourselves deny our own happiness by allowing resistance to run our lives. Yep, let that sink in: we deny our own happiness. 


  • Turning off the alarm clock in the morning and sleeping more.
  • Finding the most amazing girl and taking her for granted.
  • Listening to any to excuse we’ve ever made.

Imagine like I did, walking down the “perfect path”. All your aspirations, all you dreams, your best self, all come true eventually. Then imagine, taking a different path or going for a shortcut that doesn’t exist or stopping in place.

Now imagine doing that everyday because that is exactly what we’re doing.

Why do we do that!

It’s frustrating isn’t it. Let me repeat that again: we’re denying our own happiness.

I will finish the book eventually and share as I go…

…but for now I think I’ve given you enough of an arsenal to make slaying that dragon a little easier.

How so?

Well, I’ve taught you two things so far:

  1. The heading. Stop trying to implement good habits before removing bad ones. Trying to add good habits in your life with bad ones still intact is like, “eating clean and unhealthy at the same time”. It’ll get you nowhere.
  2. The name. I’ve given you a name for this dragon, this monster. And with a name, the enemy is weaker. Now as oppose to some unknown force that constantly defeats you, you’re fighting someone or something named, “Resistance”.
    • Now when you turn your alarm clock off in the morning, imagine yourself talking to Resistance and saying, “You’ve already beaten me today”.

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16 thoughts on “(How to) remove bad habits before implementing good ones

  1. Resistance is a big road block in achieving happiness! Thank you for shining some light on the topic! I was telling myself last night I’m ready to rid myself of the bad habits I currently have.

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