Top 5 Reasons She Doesn’t Like You

Love is tough. It can be beautiful and miserable at times but for the most part, I think it’s definitely worth the risk. It also requires time and devotion put forward by both parties, which is why I admire you. Chances are you have a crush and you want to take the first step but you have no idea what to expect or where to begin. Let me help:

01. She Doesn’t Know You Like Her

This one sounds pretty dumb, but hear me out. Just because you’ve seen her a couple of times or talked to her once or twice, doesn’t mean jack. If she’s a pretty girl, she talks to losers like you on a daily basis. For all we know, she’s probably thinking of you as a regular or worse, stranger danger material. She won’t even begin to think of you differently, if you don’t get the thought into her head. Who knows, maybe you’re an upgrade from what she normally gets or better yet, she may even like you. Just make sure to tell her, she sure as hell won’t.

02. You’re A Boy Not A Man

Alright if you’re in middle school or something, then I’m sorry. Teenage girls are a mystery no one will ever solve and besides she’s got puberty and a period hitting her all at once, last thing they need is a boy. If you’re still here, I’m assuming she’s 20 or older but that’s not the problem. Problem is how old you are versus how old you think are. Unfortunately for some males, that’s not the same thing and it is THE biggest turn off for her when she sees a 30 year old man sporting a Call of Duty shirt and VANS. Come on bro, I’m sorry you have to hear it like this but if she’s a mature, hard-working girl who cares about her future, there’s simply no way. She wants a man that can support her and take care of his own shit like cooking and cleaning. Not a boy who plays video games.

03. Her Friends/Family Don’t Like You

Me personally, I think friends and family matter much more to the female population. Especially her friends, those are her loyal subjects and advisers. They’ve most likely dealt with lots of dudes in her past and they know what’s best for her. Family is up there too but maybe not as important as her friends. She’s gonna consider the opinions from both parties and unless it was love at first sight, stay at the edge of your seat until she updates you. Good news is, if things don’t work out between you two, you can always blame her friends and family.

04. Your Priorities…Need Some Work

Most important, your priorities should be somewhat similar. That’s not saying they both have to make sense, they just have to be similar. If being popular YouTubers are both your top priorities, then honestly it could work. But if she has marriage and family as her top priorities versus your nail and bail….I wouldn’t bet on it. For the most part, if she’s a genuine well-rounded woman, she’s going to expect love, health and career somewhere in the top five. So my advice would be, figure them out as soon as you can and by them, I mean yours because it might surprise you.

05. You’re Not Confident

You’ve heard this one a million times and yes, it’s still true. This is unfortunately the most important one as it sits up there with looks. Remember in the Ugly Truth, when Gerard Butler said, “Men don’t fall in love with your personality at first sight, they fall in love with your tits and your ass”, well women fall in love with your confidence. Think of confidence as a physical trait. Same as your clothes or hair or figure, it is clear as day. If you aren’t confident, trust me she knows. She’ll know if you aren’t confident from the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you order a coffee. If you want any shot with her, bump up your confidence level.

Lastly a quote. Ignore everything else I wrote if you want, but please remember this:

“love her while you have her

appreciate her while she cares”

                                                              -r.h. Sin










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