Something Big Is Going To Happen In Your Life, Will You Be Ready For It?


Firstly, I believe most of us are given equal opportunity to live our dreams.

The reason I say “most of us” is because there are always exceptions in life.

Some of us are born into royalty, others into poverty and thus some of us have lesser or more of an opportunity than others.

These exceptions are important because some of us live our lives by them. I know people who look at royalty and think “life’s unfair and it sucks” and give up on the spot.

I know others who look at rags to riches stories and think “if they can do it, there’s no reason I can’t” and work their ass off till their dreams are a reality.

Taking advantage of the life we’re given is completely dependent on us. 



That being said, I believe there’s a moment in all of our lives where taking advantage of what we have is least difficult.

What kind of moment? Here are some examples:

Losing your house and becoming homeless, losing your job, a breakup…

When moments like these happen in our lives, putting one foot forward and fulfilling your destiny will never be easier. 

These are heart breaking moments, moments that can give us the strength we need to live the life we dream of…if we let it.

And that’s completely our choice.



Me personally, I’m going through a breakup. 

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through I won’t lie. Everyday I wish I could wind the clocks back a couple of months and change everything…but I can’t.

There are only TWO things I can do now.

I can choose to use the pain I feel as power and direct it towards becoming a better version of myself and potentially win back the girl I  love.

Or I can choose to remain the same person, with the same problems and never have any chance of being with her again.

That is completely 100% my choice.

I’m gonna have to take a long look in the mirror and ask myself:

“Am I going to grow from this experience? Am I going to become the man I want to become? Will I turn my dreams into a reality? Or did I just lose someone very important to me for nothing.”

How I answer that question is completely up to me.

How I live my  life after this breakup is completely up to me.



Luckily, it doesn’t always have to go there.

Everyone in the world has this choice, royalty or poverty regardless.

Why wait for a big moment to knock us on our feet?

Why not just start becoming the best version of yourself today?

Why not start working on your dreams today?

Instead you can:

Become the man she needs you to be and keep the woman you love…

Start side hustling, earning extra money and keep the house…

Sacrifice an hour of sleep, finish your work and keep the job…

“Don’t wait for the future to tell you you made the wrong decision….

….make the right decision now.”






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