Take A Second and Imagine With Me

Take a second and imagine with me.

Forget the bills, forget the homework, forget the responsibilities. 

Forget your reality and dream away~

What’s Your Dream Life?


If you could have any profession in the world. Any figure in the world. If you want to be independent and completely isolated from everyone or happily married with a house in Pennsylvania, I want you to imagine it.

I want you to imagine not being fat. Imagine hearing no more snickering or judging from the corner of your eye, imagine loving your body.

I want you to imagine being confident. Looking in the mirror and smiling for a change. Imagine no more acne, no more chubby cheeks, a professional haircut…

Imagine being known. Having a name for yourself…maybe a celebrity.

Take a look around you. Imagine escaping the poorly painted sand colored walls and the small confined space ridden with bad memories.

Imagine escaping the job you dread every second of the day. Imagine not counting down the days until Friday and then feeling the impending doom once Friday is over.

Ten Years Later


Now imagine waking up early one day…in Tibet. Imagine it’s 5 AM and you’ve decided to take an early walk.

Imagine breathing in crisp air, hearing birds chirping, wind howling…

Imagine sitting down on a bench and waiting for the sun the rise. Your hands are in your pocket, your head is upright, your eyes scanning the horizon.

For the next couple of seconds, it’s going to be just you and that sunrise in this world…

Imagine in those seconds thinking…”I did it“.

Can It Be Done?


Keep in mind, I’m imagining with you. 

I have the same questions and doubts that you have.

I don’t have a mentor or someone cheering me on. I don’t have any evidence or research or proof that it can be done. I have a dream and hope, that’s it.

But if there’s even a 1% chance that hard work does pay off. That dreams do come true. That what happens in our life is completely up to us…

Then we don’t have a choice do we?

We NEED to believe that it can be done and we can’t believe otherwise.

We can’t believe in luck or that our journey ends here.

We can’t sit in the sidelines and watch.

We don’t have that luxury.

We’re dreamers. 


“Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason.”






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