The Biggest Mistake People Make When Trying To Lose Weight

The Mistake You’re Making 

So let’s say you decided to diet for a month, here’s your thought process:

  • Cut calories drastically to 1,000 daily
  • Track your progress using a scale
  • Eat as clean as you possibly can for the month

Your plan to stick to 1,000 calories a day is the mistake and you haven’t even started.

Why It’s A Mistake

I’m assuming it’s fat you want to lose over this month right? Well unfortunately, if you lose 20 pounds, fat will comprise less than half that amount.

  • Over this one month diet, you will lose weight but that weight will consist of muscle, water and of course fat. Remember, losing weight and losing fat aren’t the same thing!
  • You will lose muscle because without sufficient protein intake and regular resistance training (going to the gym), your body will start using your muscles as energy. 
  • After the month’s over, losing weight will become incredibly difficult because your body is now in what’s called starvation mode. It is a natural response that ultimately makes your body burn less calories for the same activities.
    • This means, while over the first month you lost 20 pounds, you’ll be lucky to lose 10 pounds over the next month.
  • Using a scale as an indicator for whether or not you’re losing weight is a poor choice because your weight can stay the same but you could lose fat. For example, you could’ve gained muscle but lost fat.
  • Eating clean the entire time is not necessary! What we call re-feeds where you binge like there’s no tomorrow are important because they reset your metabolism, which has slowed down immensely.
  • Lastly, restricting your calories to just 1,000 a day is mentally exhausting. Your body will naturally respond by making you more tired, less energetic and you’ll find yourself craving lots of foods. You will quit eventually, trust me (I have).

A Simple, Easy Alternative

I’m not going to recommend you do all the above, quite the opposite actually.

  • The main reason people fail diets is because they do start doing 100 different things at the same time. They go to the gym, they track macros, they do cardio, they eat healthy, all of which they’ve never done before.
    • As a result of having no experience, they eventually quit. 
  • My proposition is very simple:
    • If last week you ate 4 pieces of bacon a day, this week eat 2.
    • If last week you ate 2 hamburgers for lunch, this week eat 1.
    • If last week you ate 10 candy bars…catch my drift?
  • I believe in baby steps for anything you do. Make small changes to your diet, changes you can stay consistent with, and you will lose weight in no time!

Small steps lead to big victories”






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