Can You Get A Great Workout Done In 20 Minutes?

Short answer? Yes.

Difficulty? High.

Why is it that a pro bodybuilder can get a better workout with just 1 exercise than a beginner can get with 5 exercises?

Mind-muscle connection.

This is done by focusing and concentrating on the workout and what you hope to get out of it. Your mind should be controlling your muscles, not the weight. 

It all comes down to how efficiently you train. If you can completely isolate whichever muscle group you’re training, you can cut your workout time in half.

That’s every bodybuilder’s goal.

And it’s not because it means less time in the gym (okay maybe a little) but mostly because more isolation means more growth.

download (1).jpg

For example, chest is a difficult muscle group to train because for most people, their shoulders take control of the movement and the weight.

This not only takes away from a good chest pump but can lead to injury.

Pro-bodybuilders on the other hand, avoid this problem.

Their many years of experience have allowed them to quite literally control their muscle with their minds. They completely remove the shoulders from a chest workout and can get an amazing pump with just one exercise (if they so choose).

Don’t let it discourage you though. With experience comes muscle memory and training efficiency, you’ll get there eventually.

Remember, bodybuilding is a quest for a pump.

The better you isolate your target muscle group and allow the blood to fill it up, the better the pump and the sooner you’re out the door.

The sooner you’re out the door, the more time you have on your hands.

Who doesn’t want that?


So, can you get a great workout done in 20 minutes? Yes.

Can it be done after a month of training? No.

Lowering your workout time is a luxury and comes with practice and experience.






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