Why You Need To Start Fasting ASAP (Weight loss Benefits)


The quickest, easiest thing you can do right now to improve your health more than anything you’ve ever heard of.

More than exercising, more than eating healthy, more than cardio etc.

Nothing you know of can even come close to the magic that is fasting.


Boring Stuff

First, let me get the boring stuff out of the way:

You know, the information that should blow your mind but just takes too long to read and never quite does it for you.

Studies have shown that fasting can:

Decrease blood sugar levels.

Decrease levels of inflammation.

Improve blood pressure.

Boost brain function.

Boost metabolism.

Increase growth hormone secretion.

Delay aging.

Aid in cancer prevention.

There, all the science and technical stuffs out of the way~

If you like that sort of thing, here’s a very informative article.

But Why Should You Start Fasting?



Why should you devote time out of your life to be hungry for a period of time?

Well, I’ll do my best to convince you the same way I was convinced 2 months ago:

Imagine your body as a toilet. 

Everyday, since you were born, that toilet has been used nonstop, without rest.

Good food, bad food, alcohol, germs, even small bugs have all found their way into this toilet and it’s become unclean. It still works, it’s just…dirty.

It requires maintenance and that’s where fasting comes in.

Nothing can come closer to flushing the toilet than fasting.

Nothing can clean the dirt off or fix any loose screws better than fasting.

Nothing can hit the refresh button on your health, faster than fasting.

Are you fasting yet?

Concerning Anyone Trying To Lose Weight

As I mentioned above, one of the amazing features of fasting is that it can aid weight loss.

I know you’re probably not going to read the article, so here’s the general idea:

Concerning weight loss, your metabolism is key.

Having  a fast metabolism means you burn more calories at rest meaning you have to eat more to maintain your current weight.

Slow metabolism means you burn less calories at rest and need to eat less to avoid becoming overweight.

And it’s all genetic and for the most part out of our control.

Pretty lousy right?

But what if you could boost your metabolism to eat more without gaining weight?

There you go, now you’re interested. 

That’s one of the possibilities that fasting brings to the table.

Concerning Bodybuilders

Us bodybuilders need fasting more than the average person.

Simply because, we are eating A LOT of food and as a result, our organs have to work harder than normal to digest it all.

Bodybuilding adds a considerable amount of dirt to that toilet I mentioned above.

So if we want our bodies to keep working at optimal speeds and continue giving us the gains we work hard for, we need fasting.

If you’re a bodybuilder, I HIGHLY recommend fasting at least once a month.

Me personally, I do it once a week.

But that’s just a discipline thing I’ve been trying out.

I know, I’m weird.

Types Of Fasting

There are many different types of fasting, but for beginners I recommend the following:

  • Water Fasting: only water for a certain period
  • Juice Fasting: only vegetable or fruit juice for a certain period
  • Intermittent fasting: 16 hour water/juice fast resumed by your normal diet for 8 hours everyday for a certain period.

All 3 will give results, but those results will become more noticeable as the duration of the fast increases.

If you want to attempt fasting for more than a day, talk to your doctor first!


I spend every Sunday water fasting.

Can I confirm that ever since I started I’ve felt godlike or superhuman? No.

I’m still searching for that miracle pill, same as you.

However I can confirm that I haven’t run into any digestion issues or internal organ pain such as stomach aches since I’ve begun.

It’s free, it can only benefit you and you can do it starting right now.

I mean it, this very second!

Get a move on!

Fun Fact – Studies in animals suggest that fasting may protect against and improve outcomes for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.








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