5 Quick Tips To Stay Fit While Balancing Work, School, Kids etc.

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For most of us, staying fit or getting fit is a chore. 

With homework to start, work to finish and bills to pay, our health rarely comes first.

It’s crazy but it’s true.

After work or school, going to the gym never beats eating Ben & Jerry’s and watching Hannibal (best show ever).

Nor does it beat getting much needed rest after spending the whole day modeling, working and learning like my sister.

But that’s okay because there are alternatives!

Let’s stop asking this question:

How do I sneak in a quick gym session in between all this work?

And instead ask:

How do I turn all this work into a quick gym session?

Incorporate the following 5 tips into your daily life and you’ll stay or become more fit.

1. Eat Right

Image result for eating right

I know, I know, it’s so cliche. But if I don’t mention it, you won’t think it’s important.

Even makes me sick a little just typing it.

But everyone will tell you this and it’ll always be a vital part of staying fit. 

Substituting Ben & Jerry’s with some carrots and ranch dip or even some popcorn can make a big difference while you finish an entire season in an hour.

Don’t underestimate the effect eating right can have!

2. Exercise While You Study/Work

Image result for exercising at work

Sitting or lying down while studying is so last year.

Why squeeze in a gym session after studying when you can watch a YouTube video and do a couple sit-ups, squats, push-ups etc.

Chances are you’re sitting most of the time at school or work so spice it up at home!

You’ll probably embarrass yourself in front of your husband or roommate but in the long run, they’ll be coming to your for fitness advice.

In which case, mention this blog to them!

 3. Find A New Way Home

Image result for walking

I’m willing to bet you’ve been taking the same route home since you’ve lived there.

Am I right? Don’t worry, we all have. 

But spending an extra 15 minutes walking home, can really work some magic.

Studies have shown that simple walking may just be the best source of cardio because unlike jogging or sprinting, it does very little to affect your muscles.

And if we’re talking about preserving our figure, that’s perfect!

Also, here’s an amazing opportunity to explore.

Burn a couple extra calories, stay fit and potentially find a great food spot!

This is officially my favorite tip.

4. Flex When You Walk!

Related image

This actually works and can give you one hell of a workout.

Flexing your abs, glutes and whatever else can give you a great burn while you walk which translates to, more calories lost. 

But what’s amazing here is that this has applications everywhere!

Don’t like listening to your boss? No problem, keep making eye contact but focus on flexing your abs while you sit.

Don’t like arguing with your wife? No problem, fold your arms and focus on flexing your chest…she might even like it a little (but don’t make it obvious).

Whatever you’re doing, you can also be flexing.

Keep that in mind!

5. Eat More

Related image

This is synonymous with eating right but is a tip in itself.

Studying for a test or working your butt off to finish an assignment for work can be very stressful because you’re racing against the clock.

This leads you to manage your time incorrectly and most likely skip meals, which is bad!

Contrary to popular belief, eating less will not benefit you with staying fit.

If you’re reading this article, you’re not sticking to a weight-loss plan and you’re not going to the gym regularly so eating less will only harm you.

When in doubt, always eat more not less. 

An amazing and very beneficial snack is yogurt. Alyssa Ramos from Huff Post explains that “yogurt not only has protein which is great for muscle conservation but is a massive source of probiotics which help regulate your digestive system”.

Eat more yogurt!

This’ll not only make you feel less sluggish but give you energy to perform some of the tips I mentioned above. 


Keep in mind these are quick tips.

Just like in life, you can only get so far using shortcuts. 

These are not substitutes for going for a run or heading to the gym. You should be making an effort to run or lift weight at least once a week.

That being said, staying fit doesn’t have to be so hard. Don’t give up!

Implement these 5 tips into your daily life and you’ll be surprised how fit you stay year round and how easy it can be.

Good luck!








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