What You Should Know Before Trying A Keto Diet (Quick Fat Loss)

So you’ve heard the term and you want to know more.

What is Keto? Does it really work? How much can I lose?

Is it really true that you’re chowing down tons of bacon and avocado?

Is it also true that at most you can only eat one bagel daily?

Here’s everything you need to know about a Ketogenic Diet:




Keto is an extremely low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet. It’s a type of low-carb diet which has been the gold standard for weight-loss for a long time now except it adds its own twist by loading on a ton of fat.

According to Leigh Peele, NASM certified personal trainer and expert on weight-loss, metabolism and nutrition, “the original definition of keto is 4:1 ratio of fats to carbs or proteins.”

That is, for every gram of carbohydrates of protein you eat, you need to also eat 4 grams of fat. But what’s more important is how low and moderate your carbs and protein are.

Let me explain.

Let’s say for example you decide to not eat carbs for a couple of days. No ramen noodles, no bagels, no bread or cereal, no sweets etc.

I know, I know it sounds terrible.

Well after a couple of days, your body goes into ketosis. This is the process in which your body starts using fat for fuel as opposed to it’s own preference: carbs. 

Now, how long it takes to stay in ketosis depends on your body type. For example, I stayed in ketosis on 30 grams of carbohydrates daily but someone else can potentially work with 50 grams or even 100 grams.

Which means that while it’s typical for most people to have to stick with less than 50 grams of carbohydrates, it is possible to eat 100 grams daily and stay in ketosis.

You’ll have to figure out your own threshold.



Image result for does keto work?

Speaking from experience? Yes, it does work. 

Over a 2 month period, I lost 25 pounds. Mostly fat, but not all.

You NEED to understand that with every diet, you will lose more than fat, even with keto. Yes, this includes muscle. 

However, you can limit the amount of muscle you lose by making sure you don’t drastically reduce your calorie intake and exercise regularly. 

You need to treat this as a regular diet and not just drink cartons of sour cream or gobble down mountains of bacon!

Balance is very important with dieting as it with life. 

Okay that sounded a little cringe~

But when it comes to dieting, make sure to avoid the common mistakes!



Image result for how much can i lose?

That’s completely dependent on you!

Like I said, it works like a charm and can come with huge success.

But here are some tips if you’re interested:

  • Balance. Balance. Balance. In addition to mountains of bacon, make sure you’re getting in adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables. This will not only aid your body with digestion but improve your overall health. 
  • There’s no pause button. You can’t just decide you’re taking a “break” from keto because you want to enjoy some carbs. Once in a while (meaning a few weeks) is perfectly fine, but don’t think you’ll get amazing results after doing keto for a week and then hoarding down a pumpkin pie.
  • Eat protein! Although the diet calls for a moderate amount of protein, don’t assume one chicken breast is enough. Protein is VERY important for your body, so make sure your ratio of fats/proteins/carbohydrates is on point.



As with any diet, it’s important first to beware of any limitations you might have because this is concerning your health (which should always be your first priority). 

Stephanie Lee from Life Hacker warns, “if you have an intolerance to high fat foods, had your gallbladder removed, a history of gallstones, fluctuating issues with diabetes, or any medical issue” make sure to talk with you doctor first.

This is very important!



Keto is not so much a diet as it is a lifestyle. I say this not because being healthy is a lifestyle as well but because it’s one of those extreme types of diets. The ones that make you throw out more than half of the food in your fridge and restart.

But that’s one of the beauties!

We can all benefit from pressing the “restart button” in our lives and maybe for you, that’s starting a Ketogenic diet.

Give it a try and who knows maybe it’ll become your new way of living!

Good luck!









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