The Most Important Exercise You’re Doing Wrong

Your first exercise will always be the most important one in your workout. Period.

That’s how it is and it’ll always be the case.

Assuming of course you followed my 3 Pre-Workout Hacks For A Better Workout. Once again, if you keep coming into the gym without supplying your body with enough fuel, you’ve got bigger problems than your first exercise…

Without the necessary energy, every exercise will be the same: pointless. 

But let’s say you have. Let’s say you had a big meal 1-2 hours before the workout and another banana and berries 30 minutes prior.

You’re feeling strong, you’re feeling like a god, you’re primed and ready to lift heavy…

…but you don’t.

Instead, you lift a weight you know you can. Not a weight you know you can’t.

You my friend, are preventing yourself from gaining muscle.


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Are you afraid of any of your exercises? Is there one you dread the most?

Because if not, you’re in your comfort zone and your body has slowed down it’s gains.

Always fear your first exercise

Why? Because you’re at your strongest point in the workout.

And if you’re at your strongest point, you can lift the heaviest weight.

And if you lift the heaviest weight, you’ll see the change you want to see.

I want you to think of a PR (personal record) you hit some time ago. Any muscle group, any time, just think of a really heavy weight and the muscle group it went with.

For me, it’s squatting 275 pounds (I only did 1 rep). Video here!

I know I will never see noticeable change, until I work with that weight again. I will never see any improvement, until I go for 2 reps or 3…

That 275 pounds is my limit. It’s a brick wall standing in my path, preventing progress.

275 pounds is the weight I fear. 

Squatting is the exercise I’m afraid of and that’s why I do it first on leg day.


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Knowing the difference between a detail and mass exercise comes in handy. Article here!

You don’t want to start your workout with a detail exercise because frankly…there’s just better options for growth. Why direct most of your power and energy towards an exercise that won’t give you the most bang for your buck? Doesn’t make sense. 

Instead, always start your workout with a mass exercise. These are the heaviest exercises and you most likely fear one of them.

Examples with muscle groups include:

  1. Chest. Bench Press.
  2. Legs. Squats.
  3. Back. Dead lift.
  4. Shoulders. Military Press.

There’s a reason these exercises will always be the gold standard for building muscle.

You can lift heavy with these exercises because they utilize most of the muscle group. As a result of more muscle being used, more fibers are being torn and more gains!



Knowing your limits and actively challenging them is the key to success in any field.

Unfortunately, most of us mistake our true limits with what we think are our limits and as a result everyday becomes a step in place as opposed to a step forward.

Be aware of your limits and even if you can’t challenge them currently…

…at least stare them in the face. Make them aware of your presence as well.

Because that’s a quality only a champion has.

And you are a champion.








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