Motive Mondays #13 – Keep It Simple. Keep It Healthy…Right?

For the most part, the words above are true…but not without exception.

For example, I’ll always encourage fun workouts and healthy food that you love to eat, but I’ll also always put my foot down if it becomes an extreme. 

Extremes here being, no rest days, no cheat foods, no leaving the gym and having fun and ultimately no freedom from this lifestyle. 

Mental health is more important than physical health because a healthy mind will give us the happiness we want, not a healthy body.

Today, let’s talk about how to avoid these extremes. 



Wù Jí Bì Fǎn

A quote from the movie, Karate Kid (the remake).

The saying, wù jí bì fǎn, is a popular Chinese idiom that translates to, when things reach an extreme, they can move in the opposite direction. 

This may be a little hard to understand, so I found some great examples:

Too much water, or overhydration, can lead to water intoxication and can be fatal.

Too much sleep, more than 8 hours, can reduce cognitive ability and reasoning skills.

Too much dieting, without cheat days, slows down your metabolism and brings your fat burning to a screeching halt.

The list goes on, but the goal here isn’t to find classical examples but to find examples in your own life that you need to avoid.




Normally, I’d recommend  looking for bad habits but as I’m trying to reach two different audiences here, I need a new approach.

The first audience, the more common of the two, is the one struggling with adopting this lifestyle due to already adopted bad habits.

These habits include poor diets, no exercise, blah blah – you’ve heard it all. 

Now, it’d be far too cliche of me to say get rid of them because on the contrary, those habits are keeping you from a life that’s too simple. 

But on the other hand, your life is so complicated and unorganized that deeper and more serious problems arise.

The second audience are the ones leading a life that’s overly simplified.

Days, weeks and months are subconsciously planned out in advance due to the fact that nothing ever changes. No junk food, no parties, daily exercise etc. 

Both audiences are leading extreme lifestyles and whilst one has a longer way to go compared to the other, they’re both detrimental to your health. 




Thanks to the Chinese idiom, we have a plan. 

No one, I repeat no one, is without an activity or habit that they follow to extreme levels. Be it our careers, entertainment, love, we’re all guilty somewhere. 

And chances are, you already know what it is and looking for a way out. 

The best advice I can give, as I too have my own demons, is DO NOT close yourself to the prospect that maybe you aren’t living your life as best you can. 

An example from my own life, is my newly found aversion to bodybuilding.

Three years is ample time to get too distracted and let the snowball process take you over. It took a lot to step back and notice that maybe this isn’t the healthiest way to achieve my ultimate goal of having a great body.

Dabbing into calisthenics has improved my health and my physique greatly.

Now, it’s your turn. 




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Loving your life is easier when you love your body!

-Boy Meets Bod










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