Blogging made simple #3 – Stop proofreading!

This is blogging. We want chaos, not order 😉


Shared: Delicious *Polish* Christmas Cookies (Pierniki)

Looking for something unique to bake this year? Something delicious and easy to make? Then these Polish Christmas Cookies are for you 🙂 Come take a look at a fellow blogger's recipe for Pierniki! You will not find cookies like these anywhere else; I’m sure of it 🙂 via Polish Christmas Cookies (Pierniki) — 3...2...1...BAKE!

Passion Revisited

Okay so it doesn't have to be this unexplainable urge in you. Find anything, do it for a long time and you have your success. There's a guarantee for you...

Passion cont.

We are all lazy sometimes but be honest with yourself, there is one thing that's always had the power to get you up and working. Think back, find that moment, figure out what it is because that's your passion...

6. Consistency

"Consistency is key", "consistency is success", "hard work means nothing without consistency", all quotes you and I've heard and ignored, let's define consistency ourselves...

What’s wrong?

Stop being "cool" and "normal" and looking at someone like they're a different species when they're wrong. Being wrong the first time, is the ONLY way to be right the second time...

4. Food

Every successful person understands the importance of food, take one step to fix your diet today and never regret it...

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