2. Motivated

So 5 min ago I got my first like ever, as a blogger. I know landmark event huh. I was on the verge we all usually are when we get pumped up and hype I guess you can say and you want to do something. I wasn’t 100% motivated, you know there’s always that 10 or so percent that you have to overcome, that laziness, that obstacle that’ll always be there regardless how strong the motivator is. So I’ve decided to try something. Every time I get a motivator, which for me will be more likes, or comments or the usual like motivation bodybuilding videos or finding a really good song, I’m going to add a tally on a little notepad. I will either write more or head to the gym but even if I don’t, that tally will remind me of the opportunities I had and didn’t take advantage of (I will erase it if it does motivate me to do something). All the ones left on the notepad will be the reminder, a little taste of reality I guess, showing me that I was lazy at that one time when I could’ve done something more productive with my time. Like I said, I’m looking for my motivation, anywhere I can. Will it work? I don’t know but that’s why we’re all here huh.


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