Blogging made simple #2 – The one promise you have to make as a writer

Beginner Tips #2

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Why do we fall?

Stop worrying about tomorrow or an hour from now. Whatever you're doing right now, do your best, otherwise you never will...

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No. 1

If someone asked you to train and run a marathon with them because they couldn't alone, would you?

Shared: Delicious *Polish* Christmas Cookies (Pierniki)

Looking for something unique to bake this year? Something delicious and easy to make? Then these Polish Christmas Cookies are for you 🙂 Come take a look at a fellow blogger's recipe for Pierniki! You will not find cookies like these anywhere else; I’m sure of it 🙂 via Polish Christmas Cookies (Pierniki) — 3...2...1...BAKE!

Passion Revisited

Okay so it doesn't have to be this unexplainable urge in you. Find anything, do it for a long time and you have your success. There's a guarantee for you...

Be more daring

We know that in order to get more sleep we can give our computer away for a week to a friend, but we don't. We know it'll work but we can't necessarily just do can we take that step?...

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